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Is this the first time you are visiting our website? If so we would like to welcome you and we are happy that you are here as you have come to the right place. Here you will find the reasons why we actually created this website and we are sure that if you take the time to read through this your life could change for the better. First of all, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Our family comes from Poland, but we have been living permanently in Spain for over 10 years. We are doing quite well. We have brought up our two children here and we have no major problems, although of course, like everyone else, we struggle with the difficulties of everyday life. Our life was nothing special until May 2020. We were a “normal” Catholic family devoting a few minutes every evening to pray to God. We also visited the Church from time to time, and that was it.

At this point you might feel a bit confused or uncertain, because when someone starts talking about faith and God, you might be the kind of person who generally pretends that you don’t care. Your reaction may be that you do not even want to hear about it, or chances are that you will simply want to change the subject right away, right? However, we would like to ask you to remember that sooner or later each and every one of us will stand before God and answer for his life, including the deeds committed during his life. As you probably know, Jesus came into the world to proclaim to people the truth about His Father, and to give us commandments on how to live in order to be granted eternal life. Jesus ended his earthly life by being martyred on the cross, thereby opening the gates of Heaven for us. Our earthly existence rarely lasts more than 100 years. So, wouldn’t you think that it is worth changing your approach to God and do your best so as to receive the gift of an eternal life after this one?

Do you fear that if you do your best to be a true Christian, you might end up being rejected by your friends or relatives? Or maybe you were faced with situations where you were considered as strange or outdated just because you wanted to devote more time to God? You shouldn’t worry about it! Those who treat you or think of you this way are not worth your while. Most probably these same people’s parents lived or live in accordance with their faith. Instead of being worried about what others think of you, confide your problems to Jesus and Mary. If your friends start to turn away from you, don’t feel sad or discouraged. Rather, allow them time to see how much better you are and show them how faith transformed you into a better person. You should be willing to demonstrate that by living in harmony with God you feel much happier and more fulfilled. At this point they will probably begin to wonder how this transformation in you happened, and they will want to learn more about it so as to benefit from this in their own life too. Chances are that through this approach you could help them to do the same, and possibly they will also undergo a conversion and become better people.

Unfortunately in this day and age we are living in an era where eveyrthing has become so materialistic. Most people focus only about getting more money, and to find ways to become richer or more successful. Most are simply interested on ways to earn as much money as possible, as quickly and as effortlessely as they can. If you are also inclined to be this kind of person, we invite you to ponder on the fact that that even the best material things are available only in this world, and at some point, after we pass away, they won’t matter anymore.

However, allow us to go back to the original idea – why did you decide to visit this website? Most probably you have a nagging feeling deep within you that you would honestly like to change your life for the better. You would like to convert and reconcile with God? Have you ever read in detail about the beautiful apparitions of Mary, who during each of these events asked for prayer, conversion and respect for her Son?

For many years, we have been working very closely with many people from Poland, including Janusz. It was he who helped us choose the right path, which ultimately brought us so much closer to God. You need to know that this process is a slow and lengthy one, but it is most worthwhile. After all, do you think that great changes in a person’s life take place in the proverbial 5 minutes? Surely not. Good things take a while to happen, and even though true changes require months of sacrifice, you will feel that you will be lovingly supported by Jesus and Mary every step of the way. They will help you overcome your problems, reach your goals and steer you on the right track. Start addressing your thoughts, feelings and prayers to them, and they will surely hear you out.

We delved slightly away from the original topic again, so let’s now return to the aforementioned Janusz. It was he who slowly, but systematically led us to understand that God should be the most important goal in our life. Yes, professional work, success and earning money are also important, but if you put if you prioritise on these things you will be committing a grave mistake. You cannot focus only on these things as at the end of the day you could end up losing what is most precious and most important; eternal life in Heaven!

How did it all start? At first, Janusz asked us to listen to the speech of Father Piotr Glass. He is a clergyman from Poland and you can read or listen to his interviews for free online, for example, on YouTube. The main problem is that they are only available in Polish. However, if you are not fluent in the language you will surely be able to find speeches made by other priests, preferably from your country of residence.

I listened with interest to Father Piotr Glass’s 2-hour interview and it was from that moment that something clearly changed in my life. It felt as if the clergyman was speaking literally about me and my family. He mentioned difficult times, during which man may become obsessed with money or too focused on getting maximum pleasure. Did you know that all of this is the work of Satan? Although we do not see his physical form, Satan is responsible for all the evil that is affecting our planet. Our focus on work, money and pleasure inadvertantly mean that we have veyr limited time left to devote to God and our children. It is he who serves us with TV programs, mobile applications and many other things that are tempting for us, and which often end up leading to scandal and a life that little by little, makes us become more distant from God.