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Today, on television programmes, and the Internet, and even in schools, we are being told that a family can be considered as a relationship between two people of the same sex. But this is not true. This is against the laws of nature and, above all, against our Christian faith. I sincerely hope that the Church will never bow to the growing pressure of those promoting homosexual relationships and, instead of accepting them, it will continue to uphold the traditional family model. Did you know that the Bible clearly says that people living in same-sex relationships are doomed for hell? My guess is that many of those who have read God’s Word and reached out to this information find it unacceptable. People tend to ignore things that are uncomfortable for them or that may distort the way in which they expect to suit their own needs and beliefs.

Nowadays, even the youngest ones are taught about homosexual relationships and that they can be a family, because these couples are even being allowed to adopt children. Moreover, science widely promotes the theory that humans descend directly from monkeys. This is another false piece of information, because God himself created man and woman. It was he who wanted them to become a family, multiply and live happily ever after, and as much as possible without sinning. Therefore, I believe that it is the responsibility of each of us to show our children the real truth. The sooner you do it, the better, because later on when the child becomes a young person he or she may have serious doubts and problems to distinguish what is true and what is false.

We treat sins in exactly the same way. Many believe that sins are natural and they even end up commiting them consciously every day. In the twenty-first century, it has become a common belief when one commits several sins, and they get accumulated, then they can just go to confession and everything will be solved. Worse still, more and more people are forgetting the importance of the sacrament of Penance, which every Christian should seek solace in regularly.

Over the last few months, I have read over a dozen books and compared the events that took place during the apparitions of Mary. Did you know that they have intensified now? When reading about the apparitions, one can very easily notice an important regularity – Mary always invites us to pray for those who sin. We are encouraged to pray for their conversion, because there are so many sins in the world that we are inviting something disastrous to happen at any moment. Mary tries to make us aware that every sin is a new wound on the body of Jesus Christ.

It is true that God is merciful, but unfortunately things have never been as serious as they are now. The pillars on which the Christian faith rests, that is – the family as a union between a man and a woman who together can give birth to a new life – are currently being seriously weakened by the promotion of homosexuality. Sins are being treated as commonplace and as a norm, and in various countries protests of people who demand the legalization of abortion are on the rise. Did you know that about 40 million unborn babies are being killed each year? By doing this, we inflict great pain on God and completely forget that it is a murder, that is, a grave sin.

People still think that God will forgive everything, both the seemingly minor sins and the gravest ones, including abortion. After all, that’s what the Bible says, and priests keep repeating it at masses, right? I agree, but God will forgive us all of these grace sins on one condition – if we finally resolve in changing our lives and convert. I am observing with concern what has been happening in the world in recent years, including, for example, in France, where attacks on the Church are becoming increasingly severe, and more churches are being torn down. With each passing year, faith is evidently lessening dramatically. More and more people are turning away from God. We are not only destroying the house of God, but also the testimony of our culture and heritage. After all, temples were built by our ancestors over the past 2,000 years. Remember that all this is the result of Satan’s use of unbelievers to weaken the Christian faith. They are tools for him which are enabling him to implement his sinister plans. Man’s fixation on money and earthly things are making this task much easier for him. We are susceptible to the temptations he suggests, as well as to their increasing popularity. This is gradually contributing to many people forgetting all about God. Our views on what is truly important start to change and little by little we will start accepting that this is what will make our life better. I want to emphasize that I do not want you to misunderstand me, because I am in no way saying that we should not watch TV, or use the internet. We need all of this. However, I would like to strongly alert you to the fact that there are many good TV programmes, applications and teachings about God, but there are many others which are intertwining in them. They may seem okay, and that there is nothing wrong with them. But if you consider them closely, you will manage to realise that they could easily lead us away from our faith’s principles, and from goodness and a life without sin.

Since we’re on the subject of mobile applications, let’s dwell on it for a while longer. Have you ever wondered what love looks like today, specifically a relationship between two people who claim to love each other? Lots of people get to know each other through online these days, right? Everything seems to have been rendered easier remotely, without physical contact, by choosing between clicking “yes” or “no”. These people do not know anything about each other, they meet fleetingly, and the learning process is based on simply viewing photos of one another. Can this type of relationship, which is actually more of an acquaintance, last for many years, and lead to the possibility of starting a family and giving birth to children? In my opinion, no, and I believe that this is the main reason for the increasing number of divorces every year. There is no real magic related to true love here. The feeling of falling in love for the first time and being in love with another person for better and for worse and slowly diminishing. More and more people are failing to experience the beauty of getting to know each other and discovering one anothers. What did we get in return for this? Quick, fleeting acquaintances. It may be pleasant especially at first, but it actually leaves a huge void in the heart and soul that cannot be filled in any way. Worse, the longer this kind of relationship lasts, the more it torments us, and the emptiness it leaves behind just deepens. Unfortunately, we live in sad times where every path that once led to God begins to fade. As a result, we only seem to be focusing on the paths created by Satan, the paths of evil which lead us nowhere but slowly and surely steer us away from God.

Have you never wondered why you feel unhappy? Chances are that you feel unhappy and unsatisfied despite the fact that you seem tohave everything you wished for. Many people feel a void even though they managed to acquire whatever they wanted to buy. The answer to this question is very plain; the main source of this problem is that there is no God in this kind of life where we focus only on earthly things and possessions. In life, you tend to pay attention only to yourself. You are completely indifferent to the fate of others, and you turn your eyes away when you see other people’s sadness or pain. You may not be interested in anyone but yourself, or just your closest family members. You only have one thing on your mind – acquiring as many material possessions, money, fame and success as possible, and indulging in passionate but short relationships which hold no real value or love. With the right efforts, you will get it all and then what? Unfortunately, you will reach the worst possible moment. You will realice that you did get what you originally wanted or yearned for, but you still don’t feel satisfied. The needs are there all the time, but it is impossible to meet them all in any way.

We live in times when people have lost their self respect. The blame for this is generally blamed on others, because most tend to excuse the fact that after all everyone does it, so there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately, sinning is becoming normal. Many rely on the thought taht since they did not do anything serious such as killing someone, then everything is OK, and others  have surely committed more serious sins. We do not realize how wrong we are. Sooner or later this kind of reasoning could lead to very serious results.

Worse still, all of this affects families as well. A few big quarrels are enough for a relationship to break up and, as a result, divorce rates are consistently on the rise. It is the children who suffer the most, because unfortunately such traumas will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We often make decisions that unfortunately do more harm to others than we think. Such activities will probably change your life, but remember that it will often happen at the expense of your children and sometimes other relatives too. Moreover, even though you will seemingly change something, you will not be able to remove the void in your heart. You can just temporarily resort to something that will make you forget, but it will only be a temporary measure. Sooner or later, it will start to bother you, or not satisfy you as much as you thought it would. You will eventually begin to wonder if the decisions you made were actually the right ones, and if it was indeed possible to solve the problem in some other way.