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Of course, at first it was a bit strange and somewhat difficult. Mass seemed to be long and the sermons were not always easy to understand. Fortunately, after a few weeks everything started to change. I began to focus on the sermons, not just listen to them, but also understanding and valuing what I was hearing. In time i started to relate what i was listening to during the sermon with what I had just read in the Bible. What’s more, my private and professional life began to change as well. First of all, I was able to reduce my working time considerably. Although sometimes I have to carry out my professional duties for a bit longer, I now have a lot more time for both my family and people who need my help.

And this brings me to another important point: Have you ever helped someone, perhaps a stranger? If not, you have no idea how beautiful this moment is and how rewarding it can be. When you offer your help, support or assistance to someone, you feel your heart contented, and your soul rejoices. You can experience it yourself by helping someone, such as someone who is begging on the streets, the missionaries, and other people in need. You might think that instead of spending money on food, a beggar will probably go to the store and buy a bottle of alcohol. Well, you may be right, but remember that what is most important is your intention and your kindness in doing the gesture. What really matters is that you wanted to do a good deed, and you certainly felt better afterwards. Remember that God wants you to help your neighbor. Even in the Bible it says never to say no to those who ask for help.

While helping people, we also wanted to do something more – the next step was to provide financial support to our local parish. This money has long been needed for an urgent repair of a heavily leaking roof. Our church is very small and as we started attending mass regularly, there were seldom more than 20-25 people present. However, today the situation has changed completely. Every Sunday we see at least 100 people attending mass. It is so beautiful to see everyone united in prayer, and to experience the beauty of several people who wanted to get back on track in terms of their faith. I know that many people think it is okay to donate the smallest possible coin in their purse, as after all nobody will know what you gave. However I invite you to be more generous as sadly the big churches where many people attend to mass tend to collect a lot of money, while the small churches located in the smaller towns and villages often barely manage to make ends meet with the money they collect. The situation becomes even worse if very few people attend Sunday mass. Collecting more money for a major renovation of the building is thus a huge problem here.

Once, during December, I was reading a book on my terrace and it occured to me to try to make Christmas packages for the homeless. I decided to do it even though we didn’t have a lot of money at the time. The end of the year is always associated with large expenses. In addition, due to the pandemic, we had much less customers than usual throughout the year, which of course led to lower earnings and profits. The year was relatively difficult, but the thought of helping the homeless remained on my mind. I suspect that the Lord Jesus himself encouraged me to take such a step and finally we decided to do a good deed for Christmas – we prepared gift packages for 12 people in need.

Precisely on Christmas Eve, on December 24, we packed all the Christmas packages and as a family we set off to look for the homeless. Finding these people is not particularly difficult – most of them spend the night under bridges or in abandoned buildings. I passed the gifts to these people together with my 10-year-old son. For the rest of my life, I will never forget the expressions on their faces. They were surprised and at the same time incredibly happy that someone thought of them and wanted to help them. Their emotions were stimulated by the fact that they were not left alone on this very special day. As I was leaving, I told these people that the Lord Jesus had not forgotten them and at the same time I emphasized that it is never too late to convert. What made me even happier was that my son was clearly proud of his father. In addition, he learned a great lesson, which I hope will remain imprinted on his mind forever – that you cannot look only after yourself, but it is also worth helping others, especially those who are in a difficult situation. To this day, I feel the joy of helping other people and I hope that next year we will be able to make more gifts for the homeless. Perhaps the visitors to this website will help in this – it would surely be a beautiful initiative.

And so, slowly we are approaching the end of our story. However, I must mention one more very important event. While the conversion process was underway, Mary appeared to our son in a dream. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm whether this revelation was real or just an ordinary dream or merely the product of a child’s fantasy. We asked many people if they had such dreams during their childhood, and we never got an affirmative answer. So we hope it was a message from God, and we hope it will happen again in the future.

Our family also experienced God’s grace. A few days after the apparition, our son woke up with severe pain in his leg. He is very active in sports as he trains a lot and therefore he could have suffered an injury. On his way to school that day, he was very lame and pleaded with God for help and relief from this pain. Literally seconds after saying these words, the pain disappeared completely. When he came home and started telling me about it, he had tears in his eyes and I cried with him. To us it was proof that God is with us all the time, and sadly it is our fault when we do not see him or feel His presence. Although evil is very much present in this world, at the same time a lot of good things are happening around us and more often than not we do snot notice. We are humans and we need hard evidence. As long as we do not see God’s actions with our own eyes, until Jesus stands before our eyes and admits to doing this good, we often do not manage to believe in Him. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons people turn their backs on the Church and God. They do not go to mass and do not pray because they believe that everything they have achieved in life is only the result of their hard work.

The situation usually changes when something really bad happens in life. It is at this time that people suddenly remember that there is God, pray to Him, and gradually seek redemption and conversion. Remember that although God is merciful, we cannot always ask away all the time. He is not there to see to our requests as if He were a genie. Prayer also needs to focus on being thankful and grateful to God. So we should always thank Him, and direct your prayers to Jesus and Mary. Please do bear in mind that God should not be asked for a lucky lottery ticket, riches or wealth. We should seek to pray for important things such as health, happiness, love, peace and help in solving serious life problems. I recommend that you thank the Lord Jesus every morning after waking up for the fact that you have lived to see a new day and for your wonderful family. In turn, in the evening, say a prayer and thank Him for everything that you have received and experienced during the past day. It’s really simple, it literally takes a moment and you will definitely feel much happier.

I will not hide that fact that for over a year we have been focusing on the implementation of a project other than this one. It was very complex and, unfortunately, it concerns a topic that is unknown to us. In the end, we undertook a project that was an interesting challenge for us, but for the last 2 months we had difficulties solving some problems. And so, the aforementioned Janusz appears again. It was he who sent me the text by Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo, which is entitled “Jesus, you take care of it – The act of surrender to Jesus”. I have posted it on the site, so if you want to read it, please go to the page titled “Jesus”. After reading it, I woke up the next morning, and I decided to rethink the problems we encountered during the project. Then I said out loud, “Jesus, you take care of it.” Believe it or not, but literally moments after this event, an answer popped up in my head! In a fraction of a second I was able to solve the problem that had been bothering us for over 2 months. We spent so many weeks getting through a difficulty that turned out to be easy to overcome, simply by placing our faith and trust in Jesus.

As you may see this site is not so elaborate or impeccably designed, but I can assure you that it took me a lot of time to prepare it. It was also difficult to get everything up and running, and remember that I added all the texts in as many as 3 different languages. What’s more, we were preparing this page while working on other projects. There were a lot of problems during the construction of the website. Complications related to how everything is supposed to work, what to add where and how to create a website that could meets our expectations. When problems multiplied, I would always stop for a moment, go out on the terrace and read a book. As I sat there in silence, I was thinking as well, and in many cases a new idea generally occured to me. When my troubles overwhelmed me, I always asked Jesus for help, and He always gave me interesting solutions practically instantly. As a result, virtually everything you find here was dictated to me by Jesus himself. No, I didn’t have a revelation – he didn’t show up to me personally. However, he constantly provided me with a lot of ideas that always pushed the construction of this website forward. If you make up your mind and try to get back on track, you’ll realize the main goal of this website. Remember that when you face serious problems, you should always turn to Jesus for help. Jesus is everywhere and always waiting for you at any time of the day or night. It may be hard for us to understand this, but this is the truth. When you are struggling with difficult life situations, do not hesitate to say “Jesus, you take care of it”!