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Now I am really reaching the end of our story. Towards the end of December 2020, together with our family, we began to pray the Pompeian Novena – this is a prayer addressed to Mary. If you want to do the same, you can find the content of the prayer on our website. I highly recommend it! This novena will help you solve your greatest problems and worries, and will also support you in changing your life for the better. 54 days of prayers that are said each day, divided into 3 rosaries a day. There is a lot of it, but don’t get discouraged. If you only persevere to the end, your life will change for sure. Just pray hard for it as you say the Novena and entrust everything to Mary. After 3 days, we noticed the first changes for the better. Suddenly, customers who had not contacted us for years began to come back to us, and at the same time many new ones appeared as well. Our life started to get along better and our family relations improved too.

We sincerely wish you the same positive experiences. We hope that with our help and of course, with God’s help, conversion will be possible in the shortest possible time. Of course, everyone experiences this in their own unique way, but if you manage to achieve this goal, be sure to share your story with your relatives and friends. Also, don’t forget to add your comment under the Pompeian Novena – you will help others change their lives for the better, and maybe become an inspiration for them too.

Why was this website created?

I will not hide that fact that this website was created primarily in honor of Mary, but of course also to help other people find God and return to the right path. Remember that time goes by very quickly, and you never really know when you will leave this world. If you don’t have time to do a proper examination of your conscience and try to change your life for the better before then, you will probably end up in purgatory or even hell. It really does exist, as evidenced by the documented revelations of many people. However, it is not for this reason alone that I believe in the existence of Satan. After all, the fight between good and evil has been going on since the creation of our world, and unfortunately, now, in the 21st century, it is intensifying. Evidently, Satan is keen on attracting as many souls as possible to him today. He is tempting us with even greater temptations just to take away our time to think about God. He wants to chase us into his kingdom, and unfortunately you have to remember that in the end only Satan will be happy that he has managed to deceive us.

The idea behind the creation of our website was, among others, a willingness to collect all Mary’s apparitions in one place. Here we present events that have taken place in different regions of the world and which have intensified recently. We update these revelations on a regular basis and I strongly encourage you to read what Mary tells people during such apparitions. Some of these events have been confirmed by the Church and others have not yet been, because the process is complicated and often very time-consuming. Often, in a given region of the world, the number of apparitions, miracles and favors received is quite big, and confirmed by dozens or even hundreds of people. Despite this, the Church must carefully analyze each of these event, and as a result confirming them takes a long time, often several years.

Unfortunately, this situation negatively affects the people who experienced the apparitions. They are exposed to constant attacks by others who do not believe in all these events. They are accused of untruths or that they are attempting to promote themselves and earn fame. Unfortunately, we have no influence on how these events are verified by the Church, and so we have no choice but to wait patiently and entrust everything to God Himself. The famous Fatima Apparitions are a good example of this. They took place in 1917, and it was only in 1930 that they were officially confirmed by the Church.

By using our website, you will not only learn about all of Mary’s apparitions, but also find out if they have already been officially confirmed. Interestingly, there are some places that have not been confirmed by the Church despite indisputable evidence. An example of this is Medjugorje, where apparitions have been taking place for years. In addition, many people experience healing and grace, and every year pilgrims from all over the world go there. However, we do not judge these decisions. I am writing about it only because I would like you to avoid focusing on whether the given events have been confirmed by the Church, but rather to appreciate their beauty and value in terms of our faith. So please do read about them, regardless of their current status.

What are our plans?
We are confident that this site will continue to get many visitors and readers, and we plan to further develop the website, including the regular addition of various interesting functions, and possibly, even managing to transform it into a foundation in time. Then we will be able to collect money for various good causes together with all the users. We believe that we can do a lot together! Although these are our plans, of course we leave everything in the hands of God, and always rely on his help. If you just want to help us in some way or have an idea on how we can expand or improve this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter – thanks to this you will be updated with any news and updates on the site.

We hope you have enjoyed our story and we truly wish that we could have been an inspiration for you. We have experienced many graces in our lives, but writing about all of them would probably result in writing a whole book!

We invite you to visit us on a regular basis, and to start working on your transformation for the better as from today! Bear in mind that thanks to this you can lead a better, more fulfilling and happier life, and that we can all meet in Heaven one day. We wish you all the best!

Recommended books:
(unfortunately, not all the books I have read are translated into english)

Jesus Calling – Sarah Young
The Warning – Christine Watkins
Through the Eyes of Jesus – Carver Alan Ames