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Psychological Support Group

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The Sagrada Familia parish is located in a modest neighborhood in the city of Gandia (Street Tirso de Molina 17, Gandia, Valencia, Spain). The church was built in the 1970s and it has serious structural problems as a result of high levels of humidity as well as various leaks. Some maintenance and repairs were made over time, but currently, one of the main challenges this parish is facing is the replacement of 11 large windows. The building's structure comprises iron, and through the years this has been negatively affected by rust. Some parts are falling, and others are deteriorating. On windy days the windows open by themselves and rain seeps in, leading to even higher levels of moisture, which are causing various structural problems. Additionally, the windows were made with stained glass imitation, dating back to over 50 years ago. This was made from a type of resin, and over time it became discolored due to the effect of the UV rays. Some parts have even bulged out of their mounts, and this could be dangerous as they might fall off. Besides the evident problems, the windows are old and rather unsightly. The proposed project involves the replacement of both the structure of the windows as well as the old stained glass. The proposed replacements will be made from materials which are more resistant and of a much better quality than the current ones. Thus they will be better able to withstand wear and tear and have an improved longevity and durability. Any help, even the smallest one, will be greatly appreciated. In return for your kindness we pledge to organize mass in our church in honor of the families who donate any amount, as well as for the dear souls of those who passed away. Thank you very much in advance, and may the Lord bless you!