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Apparition of the Holy Trinity and Our Lady
Location: in the chapel in Tuy
Date: June 13, 1929

«The only light was that of the lamp. Suddenly, the whole chapel lit up with a supernatural light and on the altar appeared a cross of light which reached the ceiling.
In a clearer light, on the upper part of the cross, could be seen the face of a man with His body to the waist, on His chest a dove, equally luminous; and nailed to the cross, the body of another man. A little below the waist, suspended in the air, could be seen a chalice and a large host, onto which some drops of blood were falling, which flowed from the face of the Crucified One and from the wound in his breast.
Running down over the Host, these drops fell into the Chalice.
Under the right arm of the Cross was Our Lady (she appeared as Our Lady of Fatima, with Her Immaculate Heart… in the left hand, without sword or roses, but with a crown of thorns and flames) with Her Immaculate Heart in Her hand…
Under the left arm of the Cross, in large letters, like crystalline water which flowed over the altar, forming these words: “Grace and Mercy”.
I understood that the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity was shown to me, and I received lights about this mystery which I am not permitted to reveal.
Then Our Lady said to me:
– The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means. So numerous are the souls which the justice of God condemns for sins committed against Me, that I come to ask for reparation. Sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.
I rendered an account of this to my confessor, who ordered me to write down what Our Lord willed to be done.
Later, in an intimate communication, Our Lady complained to me, saying:
– They did not wish to meet my request!… Like the King of France, they will repent and do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars, and persecutions of the Church: the Holy Father will have much to suffer.


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