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A Greater Miracle to Come
Conchita has clearly said that Our Lady has promised a greater miracle in Garabandal so that all may believe the apparitions and be obedient to the message. “As the punishment which we deserve for the sins of the world is great, the miracle must also be a great one, for the world needs it.” It will occur on a Thursday on the feast day of a saint devoted to the Eucharist, at 8:30 in the evening, and will last for about one quarter of an hour. It will also coincide with a great event in the Church. The sick who come to Garabandal on that day will be cured, unbelievers will be converted. There will remain a permanent sign at “Los Pinos” as a proof of Our Lady’s tremendous love for all her children.

“The sign that will remain”says Conchita” will be able to be seen, photographed and televised but it will not be able to be touched. It will appear clearly that it is something not of this world, but of God.”

Conchita has been granted permission by Our Lady to announce the date of the miracle eight days in advance. With the present means of communication and travel, eight days are sufficient for people around the world to gather. The day of The miracle may be the last opportunity given us by God and may be also Our Lady’s last effort to save the world from the punishment already threatened.

Some time ago Conchita wrote, “The Blessed Virgin will not allow me to reveal the nature of The miracle although I already know it. Neither can I reveal the date of it, which I know, until eight days before it is to happen.” Before The miracle takes place Our Lady has said that all mankind will receive a warning from heaven.

From everything that the girls said in interviews and letters, mainly Conchita, we can point to important aspects of the miracle:
– Conchita knows her exact date, which she communicated to Paul VI, and also to his confessor and Cardinal Ottaviani, pro-prefect of the Holy Office, today the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
– Conchita will announce this to the world eight days before his date
– Less than a year will pass from the warning to the miracle
– It will take from 10 minutes to a quarter of an hour
– It will be held on Thursday at 8:30 pm
– Between the 6th and the 16th day of one of these three months: March, April or May
– This day will not be a Marian feast
– It will coincide with the day of a holy martyr in connection with the Eucharist
– It will also coincide with a very important, rare, unique event, both for the Church and for all Christianity, a happy and successful event
– It will be the greatest miracle Jesus has ever done for the world
– Will be visible in Garabandal and the surrounding mountains; You can’t feel it, but you can film it, photograph it, and show it on TV
– People with visions will not need to be present when this miracle occurs.
– The sick who come there will be healed and the unbelievers will believe
– The Pope will see the miracle “from anywhere”.
– Blind Joey Lomangino will regain his sight
– Father Luis María’s deceased body will be unearthed and found intact

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