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The fifth reason why the lamp in the monastery has gone out is that influential people will look with indifference at the oppressed Church, the persecuted virtue and the triumphant Satan, not using their influence according to God’s will to fight evil or renew faith. And so people will gradually become indifferent to God’s demands, accept the spirit of evil, and allow all kinds of vice and sin to sweep away.

My dear daughter, if you were to live in these terrible times, you would die of pain to see that what I have revealed to you is being done. However, the love of My Most Holy Son and mine for this earth is so great that we want your sacrifices and good deeds to contribute to shortening the duration of this terrible catastrophe from now on.”

The revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus about the crisis in the Church

In the last ten months of the life of Marianna’s mother, who was increasingly ill and suffering, Our Lady appeared to her several times. Mother Marianna was a model for the whole community, she offered all her torments for the Church, especially in the 20th century. One day she received the grace of a vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, surrounded by small, piercing thorns that were cruelly wounding Him. The Lord Jesus explained their meaning to her: “Understand that they [thorns] signify the grave and daily sins of my priests and religious, whom I release from the world and lead them to monasteries. It is their ingratitude and indifference that so cruelly wounds My Heart.

There are times when [My] teaching will be well known to the learned and the unlearned. Many books will be written on religious subjects, but there will be few souls to practice these teachings and virtues, saints will be rare. That is why my priests and religious will fall into complete indifference. Their coldness will extinguish the fire of God’s love, thus they hurt My Loving Heart with these little thorns you see…

Know also that Divine Justice will send terrible punishments on entire nations, not only for the sins of people, but also especially for the sins of priests and religious – for the latter are called, by the perfection of their state, to become the salt of the earth, masters of truth, restraining God’s wrath. By abandoning their God-given mission, they humiliate themselves to such an extent that in God’s eyes they increase the severity of the punishment.”

The last apparition of Our Lady of the Good Event

For the last time, Our Lady appeared to Mother Marian on December 8, 1634, announcing her imminent death. She again emphasized the importance of confession and Holy Communion, as well as the heavy responsibility of priests. She predicted various events that would take place in the 19th century. She also spoke of the role of monasteries in which purity and mortification are preserved: “They will purify the atmosphere polluted by those who indulge in the most heinous sins and passions.” At Mother Marianna’s request that her name should remain unknown, Our Lady replied that only after three centuries of mysterious silence, these apparitions and her name would be rediscovered. Finally, she warned that devotion to her “will bear fruit miraculously in the spiritual and temporal realm, especially in the 20th century, because it is God’s will to keep this title of mine and your life for that age, when the corruption of morals will be almost universal and the precious light of faith. it almost goes out.”

On January 16, 1635, Marianna’s mother died after receiving the last sacraments. In 1906, during the renovation of the monastery, the coffin was opened and her body was found intact.

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