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“Don’t you understand this, my children? Let me tell you otherwise in a moment”

The beautiful lady repeats the last sentence and leads a further conversation with the Corps:

“If you have grain, you don’t have to sow it. Whatever you sow will be eaten by vermin, and whatever arises will crumble to dust when threshing. There will be a great hunger. Before the famine comes, children under the age of seven will chill and die on the hands of those holding them. Others will repent of hunger. The nuts will turn wormy and the grapes will rot.”

At this point, the Beautiful Lady entrusts a secret to Maksyminus, and later – to Melania. Then he says to both children:

“If they repent, the stones and rocks will turn into heaps of grain and the potatoes will plant themselves. Are you praying well, my children? “

“Not really, Lady!” – both answer.

“Ah! my children, it is necessary to pray well in the evening and in the morning. If you do not have time, say at least “Our Father and Hail”, and if you can, pray more. In the summer, only a few elderly women go to Mass. Others work all summer on Sundays. In winter, when they don’t know what to do, they go to Mass. only to mock religion. During Lent, they eat meat like dogs. My children, have you not ever seen broken grain?”

“No, Lady” answer the children. Then the Beautiful Lady turns to Maximinus:

“But you, my child, must have seen them once, at Coin, with your father. The owner of the field then said to your father, “Come and see my grain rotten.” You went together. Your father took two or three ears of corn in his hands, crushed them, and everything fell to dust. You guys came home later. When you were about an hour away from Crops, your father gave you a piece of bread, saying, “You have a baby, eat bread this year, because I don’t know if anyone will eat it next year if the grain continues to deteriorate like this.”

And the Beautiful Lady ends, not in a dialect, but in French:

“Well, my children, make it known to all my people”

Then he moves forward, crosses the stream and, without looking back, repeats with emphasis:

“Well, my children, make it known to all my people”

The beautiful Lady climbs a winding hill that rises towards le Collet (little mountain pass). There, it goes up. The children run to her. She looks to the sky, then to the ground. Facing south-east, it “dissolves into the light.” Then the light also disappears…


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