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Messages from Jesus:

Glorious days await you. In Me you rejoice, my beloved children.

Creatures must come to Me, because only with Me will souls live eternally.

It is my Mother who will prevent you from adrift, the one who will make you come directly to Me.

Today I warn the world what the world does not seem to warn: souls are in danger, many will be lost, salvation will come to a few if I am not accepted as the Savior.

My Mother must be received, My Mother must be heard in all her messages. Man must discover the wealth that She brings to Christians. The children of sin will grow in him, if unbelief increases in them.

I want a renewal of the spirit, a detachment from death and an attachment to life. My Mother’s Heart is the one chosen to make what I ask come true. Souls will meet me through her Immaculate Heart.

Before, the world was saved through Noah’s ark. Today the Ark is My Mother. Through Her souls will be saved because She will bring them to Me. He who rejects My Mother rejects Me.

Many are missing the grace of God these days.

Go and evangelize. Don’t look where. Wherever you are, evangelize your brothers who know nothing of the word of God. Do not forget it. Evangelize.

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