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On October 13, the day of the last Fatima apparition, Our Lady speaks for the first time:

You have complied. Do not be afraid. Meet me. From my hand you will walk and many roads you will travel.

After the message the Virgin adds a quote from the Bible, the word of God that illuminates every word. With this text, she encourages her to fulfill her mission, to carry her messages, even when difficulties arise. From there she begins to receive other messages frequently. On October 19 she told him:

Rebel are the unjust and humble the servants of the Lord. Seek help, it will be given to you. Do not be afraid. Nothing will happen to you. The Lord leaves nothing to chance.

On October 25, Gladys goes for the second time, since the apparitions began, to the city of Rosario, seat of the archbishopric, a city consecrated to Our Lady of the Rosary. That day, exactly one month after her first appearance, the Virgin appears to her and offers her a white rosary: ​​she receives this rosary from my hands and keep it forever and ever. I am happy because you are obedient. And rejoice because God is with you.

The messages continue, with frequent references to Holy Scripture. It is that Mary leads to the word of God and in this way she continues her invitation, as she did to the servants at Cana: “Do whatever he tells you.” This is a new and unique fact in the history of the Marian apparitions.

In November the Virgin gives her several messages, where she remembers her closeness, her protection and her help:

When you need it, come to me, I will answer you. I am happy with you, you are worthy of my trust. Glory to the Lord.

You are thirsty for my presence, you will eat from my hands. Be patient, everything will come in due time.

Your spirit, of the Holy Spirit is fed.

Gladys then feels a great aroma of roses, one of the frequent Marian manifestations. The Virgin tells him: He who smells the perfume of my roses, walks with me. Glory to the Lord.

On November 15, 1983, Jesus spoke to Gladys for the first time: “I am the sower, the harvest will be great.”

On the same day the Virgin says: I am the patron saint of this region. Assert my rights.

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