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Once the Temple project was approved by the Blessed Virgin and its construction began, the image was transferred to the new Sanctuary in 1989.

When Gladys asked if she would like to be called María del Rosario de San Nicolás, the Virgin replies: That’s how it should be. My desire is to be among you, fill you with blessings, peace, and joy, and bring you closer to the Lord Our God.

The Virgin had Gladys minted a medal with the invocation of María del Rosario de San Nicolás, and on the reverse the Holy Trinity with seven stars. My daughter, the meaning of the seven stars are seven graces that my Son Jesus Christ will grant to whoever wears it on his chest. Praise the Lord.

Gladys received more than 1,800 messages, from October 13, 1983 to February 11, 1990, the day of the last message.

The first time she saw the Virgin was on September 25, 1983. But since November 27 of that year, the visions were daily, in her house, at different times. Before each apparition she receives an interior announcement, and if she is with others she does not manifest it. She says Gladys: “I feel like a tingling in my arms, so I know that She is coming; she closed her eyes and she appears ”. It seems that she does not fall into ecstasy, if she understands this word as disconnection with the outside world. However, it is not a subjective insight. For Gladys the Virgin is real and she is alive. She has touched her. She has felt the consistency and warmth of her body. She listens to her and responds to her, enjoying real intimacy. Sometimes close people perceive a perfume of roses or a sensation of warmth.

On November 8, 1984 Gladys recounted what the Woman of the vision is like: “Today as I never feel like saying how I see the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is not an easy beauty to describe, but it is beautiful, and in Her humility, strength, purity and Love go together, like this with a capital letter, because all the love in the world I believe does not cover the love that She feels for their children. When she orders, I feel the strength that is in Her. When she gives advice, I feel her motherly love for her. And when she tells me that she suffers for those children who are far from the Lord, she conveys her sadness to me. All this leaves in me this wonderful Mother whom I venerate and have consecrated my life. I do this so that my dear brothers and sisters can somehow know what our Heavenly Mother is like.

Since November 1984 God has granted Gladys to live the great pains of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The stigmata on her hands appear on Thursdays and Fridays of Advent and Lent, year after year. Blood gushes out only on Fridays in Lent. The stigmata of the feet are presented on Good Friday, after three in the afternoon, the time of Christ’s death. It is as if the Lord wanted to make concrete the suffering of his Passion through the body of Gladys that would represent the Church. Every Good Friday she feels in a special way the pain of carrying a cross. Her shoulder is marked with an elongated and very painful spot. She has sometimes also felt the sore on her side. Gladys assures that although the physical pain is great, the moral suffering is even greater.

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