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The Virgin was the one who proposed to Gladys to fast. The Lenten fast lasts for forty days. Despite eating so little, she looks healthy and her weight is normal.

On February 11, the day of Our Lady of Lourdes, in 1989, Our Lady said to Gladys: Yesterday in Lourdes, here today. Always the Mother in search of her children. Prayer, fasting, penance and above all conversion she expects from them. Souls will be saved if they look to the Lord, if they admit the Lord. Peace is lacking in many souls. Search the soul for peace and it will find God.

And on May 13, 1989, the day of the first appearance of Fatima: Today as then, in Fatima, are my visits here on earth again, although they are more frequent and prolonged since humanity experiences moments of great drama.

The Bishop of San Nicolás, Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna, far from distancing himself from this vital phenomenon that occurs in his diocese, accepts it, guides it and nurtures it, without neglecting prudence and discernment. He in an exemplary way encourages the pilgrims who from the first moment begin to flock to Saint Nicholas. The processions take place every month on the 25th, being the most important and numerous on September 25 of each year, in memory of the day of the first appearance.

On September 25, 1986, the bishop placed the cornerstone of the current Shrine.

The Campito de la Virgen that is next to the Sanctuary has been transformed into a place for processions, via crucis and confessions, particularly on days of greater attendance.

The conversions are numerous and profound. This grace has lasting effects.

Throughout Argentina thousands of prayer groups have been formed that are a source of light.

Several have also given testimony of physical cures carried out by Jesus, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

Many testify to having seen extraordinary manifestations of the presence of God and the Virgin such as the dance of the sun, which reminds us of the miracle of Fatima; the perfume of roses; seeing the rosary shine on the walls in various homes; the light bulbs that when burned leave the letter M for María on the inside. More recently water began to flow from the Sanctuary and many have smelled roses in it. But the greatest miracle that marks the presence of Heaven in this place on earth, are the numerous conversions. God wants to renew the covenant with his people through Mary, his Ark of the Covenant. She is the Woman Clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse. She is our anchor of salvation that leads us to her Son.

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