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Some messages from Virgin Mary:

Blessed is the moment that the Lord chose this people, and blessed because he chose it so that I may have my great House, which will be one of peace and tranquility. Place where I will cradle thousands of children who will come in search of love. I will assist the sick, the fallen, every child belonging to the great family of God, because my mission is to care for the Lord’s flock. Glory to God.

Nothing will be able to devour the flame of love that the Lord has kindled in your people. Nothing can obscure the light of the Lord.

It is in the Shrine where Mary, Mother of Christ, waits for the children inherited from the Cross. It is in the Sanctuary that Mary works in souls, for the good of souls. My beloved children, you see, I am in front of you. While some live in their own desolation, others will live in the house of the Mother of the Savior.

Here is the Temple, for the people of God. Here the love of Christ and Mary will be deeply rooted.

My House will be home to those who consider themselves children of God. Rejoice because from here I will bless you.

Daughter, the Temple is God’s protection for his children. People go there to worship the Lord, to ask for physical health and a firm spirit grounded in faith.

The Temple is God’s protection for the soul that dwells on earth and aspires to heaven.

Your city is the City of Mary and it will forever be a place of encounter with Jesus and his Mother. Nobody wants to get in my way. Whoever wants to follow the Lord, let him follow me.

My daughter, I once told you that from here faith through Jesus and Mary would be reborn. From here I invite the world to seek the life-giving source, the source of peace and grace.

I want to heal my children of that disease that is materialism and that many suffer, I want to help them discover Christ, love Christ and tell them that Christ prevails, above all.

In all the places in the world where my messages have been given it would seem that they were preached in cemeteries. There was not the answer that the Lord wants.

The devil acts fiercely, do not be surprised. He attacks without compassion wrapping everything he can touch. Pray, my children, that prayer strengthens. You are called by Jesus Christ to pray.

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