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Today the prince of evil pours his poison with all his might, because he sees that his sad reign is ending. He has little left, the end of him is close to him.

Oh, my poor children, few are those who deepen in Christ, and many who are highly destroyed by sin.

It is actually this time, a precious time that should not be wasted but used. The Redeemer is offering the world the way to face the death that is satan, he is offering it, as he did from the Cross, to his Mother, the mediator of all grace.

My children, my Heart wants your soul to last forever and ever.

Repeatedly they beat my Heart, I feel it that way, every time Christ Jesus is offended.

The enemy is ruthlessly challenging me, he is openly tempting my children. It is a fight between light and shadows. A constant persecution of my beloved Church.

You are all parts of the mystical body that is the Church and of which Christ is the head. On earth, the Vicar of my Son is responsible for this body to continue standing, so continue with your Pope, following his teaching, which is, ultimately, the teaching of Christ. The will of my Son be done.

Pray for the Holy Church. My Heart is wounded because it is frequently attacked, day by day its light is dimmed. As Mother of the Church I suffer the most overwhelming pain. My sufferings are united to those of the Pope, because his pain is my pain.

The most intense light of Christ will resurface, since, just as the resurrection came on Calvary after the crucifixion and death, the Church will also be reborn by the power of love.

The Lord is revealing to you through the messages and the Holy Scriptures what he expects from men. Do not close the doors. Give yourself to Jesus as He gave Himself to you.

Make known what I give you, atheism floods the nations, there is an absence of God everywhere; That is why the word of the Lord must be heard and not despised. The action of his word will do a lot if the heart opens to it.

Look at the rising sun and you will see the new day being born, may there be hope and faith in you, may the desire grow each morning to be true children of God. Do not make him turn away his face from you, trust him.

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