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You cannot live without making a daily prayer to our Father in heaven. You see this crown, because this is what I want you to do, a real rosary crown. Prayer my daughter, prayer! How many mouths are still silent without even knowing a prayer that brings them closer to the Lord.

The Holy Rosary is the weapon the enemy fears. It is also the refuge of those who seek relief from their sorrows, and it is the door to enter my Heart. Glory to the Lord for the light he gives to the world.

My daughter, in these moments there is an extreme need for prayer. The Holy Rosary will be heard on this day by the Lord as if it were my voice.

Prayer is a request of mine and it is addressed to all peoples. Prayer must be born from a willing heart, it must also be frequent and done with love. Never be left aside, since the Mother wants her children to reach God and with whom she manages to defeat the enemy.

 Jesus the Eucharist is a living and true body. Adore it and love it.

My children, it is in the Eucharist where you can feel how it is given to you. It is in the Eucharist that he becomes body and blood again, and it is from the Eucharist that he wants to save the souls prepared to receive him.

Today as never my messages must be spread. Today as never should the world know my words, my urgent call to conversion, my request for consecration to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The Lord still awaits souls. Glory to the Lord.

My children should know that I am calling them to consecration, because being consecrated to my Heart, they belong to the Mother and the Son.

I say to my children: You are to me like newborn children, who need their mother’s love, their mother’s warmth and their mother’s nourishment. I will lead you and help you to grow in love for the Lord, I only ask you, let yourself be guided. Glory to God.

Do not rest in your walk. Night and day you must preach. He insists relentlessly. My messages must be read slowly, so that they can be digested as I wish.

In these times when the poison of the evil one seems to contaminate everything, the Lord manifests himself so that the salvation of souls is possible.

These words can become weak if they are saved, if they are not spread; they must be announced throughout the earth.

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