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Philip Wachter, Homestead, United States of America 26-12-2022

Return of my family to the faith, especially my children.

Patrick Bowles, Toronto, Canada 24-04-2022

Blessed Virgin Mary, please pray of the return of my son to the faith. Thank you

Rosangela Chacon, Merida, Venezuela 28-03-2022

Santa Madre de Dios, te pido por la Conversión de los Sacerdotes y Consagrados, por mi País Venezuela y todo el Mundo, fortaleza y gracia para soportar tanta tribulación y para que llegue ya el Reino de la Divina Voluntad de Nuestro Rey Jesús y el Triunfo del Inmaculado Corazón de Maria. Infinitos besos para ti Mamá Maria 😘

Teresa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 03-03-2022

Dear Mother please heal me of vertigo. Bless my siblings and their respective family to have a sincere confession, life of pray and to be reconciled with each other as there is so much hate in their heart. Bless me with a marriage (a good God-fearing Catholic man) and to have children. I too want to have a more prayerful heart and to always be conscious of my sins and I too want have a sincere confession. Lead me closer to Jesus and give me a piece of your heart, dearest Mother. Please bless Russia and Ukraine with peace. Watch over them and the whole universe. Amen

Gracia Neri, City of koronadal, Philippines 10-12-2021

I pray for my old parents, brothers and sisters that are suffering from this earthly things as well as my family-that we may find peace and courage to battle the everyday of our lives and that God thru the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary will protect us always. Have mercy and save all souls in purgatory and all the people of this world. Amen.

Briana Donohue, Holbrook, United States of America 25-08-2021

Healing of intestinal blockage, continued good health, special intentions.

Charles Opara, Owerri,, Imo State,, Nigeria 23-08-2021

Thru the intercession of Our Lady of Good Success, please pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ that He may grant me the grace of my study permit application will be approved to the glory of God almighty, amen.

For Mary, Gandia, Spain 31-05-2021

Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for all of us, protect our whole family and all people.

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