About us

Is this the first time you are visiting our website? If so we would like to welcome you and we are happy that you are here as you have come to the right place. Here you will find the reasons why we actually created this website and we are sure that if you take the time to read through this your life could change for the better. First of all, allow us to introduce ourselves. Our family comes from Poland, but we have been living permanently in Spain for over 10 years. We are doing quite well. We have brought up our two children here and we have no major problems, although of course, like everyone else, we struggle with the difficulties of everyday life. Our life was nothing special until May 2020. We were a "normal" Catholic family devoting a few minutes every evening to pray to God. We also visited the Church from time to time, and that was it. At this point you might feel a bit confused or uncertain, because when someone starts talking about faith and God, you might be the kind of person who generally pretends that you don’t care. Your reaction may be that you do not even want to hear about it, or chances are that you will simply want to change the subject right away, right? However, we would like to ask you to remember that sooner or later each and every one of us will stand before God and answer for his life, including the deeds committed during his life. As you probably know, Jesus came into the world to proclaim to people the truth about His Father, and to give us commandments on how to live in order to be granted eternal life. Jesus ended his earthly life by being martyred on the cross, thereby opening the gates of Heaven for us. Our earthly existence rarely lasts more than 100 years. So, wouldn’t you think that it is worth changing your approach to God and do your best so as to receive the gift of an eternal life after this one? Do you fear that if you do your best to be a true Christian, you might end up being rejected by your friends or relatives? Or maybe you were faced with situations where you were considered as strange or outdated just because you wanted to devote more time to God? You shouldn't worry about it! Those who treat you or think of you this way are not worth your while. Most probably these same people’s parents lived or live in accordance with their faith. Instead of being worried about what others think of you, confide your problems to Jesus and Mary. If your friends start to turn away from you, don't feel sad or discouraged. Rather, allow them time to see how much better you are and show them how faith transformed you into a better person. You should be willing to demonstrate that by living in harmony with God you feel much happier and more fulfilled. At this point they will probably begin to wonder how this transformation in you happened, and they will want to learn more about it so as to benefit from this in their own life too. Chances are that through this approach you could help them to do the same, and possibly they will also undergo a conversion and become better people. Unfortunately in this day and age we are living in an era where eveyrthing has become so materialistic. Most people focus only about getting more money, and to find ways to become richer or more successful. Most are simply interested on ways to earn as much money as possible, as quickly and as effortlessely as they can. If you are also inclined to be this kind of person, we invite you to ponder on the fact that that even the best material things are available only in this world, and at some point, after we pass away, they won't matter anymore. However, allow us to go back to the original idea - why did you decide to visit this website? Most probably you have a nagging feeling deep within you that you would honestly like to change your life for the better. You would like to convert and reconcile with God? Have you ever read in detail about the beautiful apparitions of Mary, who during each of these events asked for prayer, conversion and respect for her Son? For many years, we have been working very closely with many people from Poland, including Janusz. It was he who helped us choose the right path, which ultimately brought us so much closer to God. You need to know that this process is a slow and lengthy one, but it is most worthwhile. After all, do you think that great changes in a person's life take place in the proverbial 5 minutes? Surely not. Good things take a while to happen, and even though true changes require months of sacrifice, you will feel that you will be lovingly supported by Jesus and Mary every step of the way. They will help you overcome your problems, reach your goals and steer you on the right track. Start addressing your thoughts, feelings and prayers to them, and they will surely hear you out. We delved slightly away from the original topic again, so let's now return to the aforementioned Janusz. It was he who slowly, but systematically led us to understand that God should be the most important goal in our life. Yes, professional work, success and earning money are also important, but if you put if you prioritise on these things you will be committing a grave mistake. You cannot focus only on these things as at the end of the day you could end up losing what is most precious and most important; eternal life in Heaven! How did it all start? At first, Janusz asked us to listen to the speech of Father Piotr Glass. He is a clergyman from Poland and you can read or listen to his interviews for free online, for example, on YouTube. The main problem is that they are only available in Polish. However, if you are not fluent in the language you will surely be able to find speeches made by other priests, preferably from your country of residence. I listened with interest to Father Piotr Glass's 2-hour interview and it was from that moment that something clearly changed in my life. It felt as if the clergyman was speaking literally about me and my family. He mentioned difficult times, during which man may become obsessed with money or too focused on getting maximum pleasure. Did you know that all of this is the work of Satan? Although we do not see his physical form, Satan is responsible for all the evil that is affecting our planet. Our focus on work, money and pleasure inadvertantly mean that we have veyr limited time left to devote to God and our children. It is he who serves us with TV programs, mobile applications and many other things that are tempting for us, and which often end up leading to scandal and a life that little by little, makes us become more distant from God. Today, on television programmes, and the Internet, and even in schools, we are being told that a family can be considered as a relationship between two people of the same sex. But this is not true. This is against the laws of nature and, above all, against our Christian faith. I sincerely hope that the Church will never bow to the growing pressure of those promoting homosexual relationships and, instead of accepting them, it will continue to uphold the traditional family model. Did you know that the Bible clearly says that people living in same-sex relationships are doomed for hell? My guess is that many of those who have read God's Word and reached out to this information find it unacceptable. People tend to ignore things that are uncomfortable for them or that may distort the way in which they expect to suit their own needs and beliefs. Nowadays, even the youngest ones are taught about homosexual relationships and that they can be a family, because these couples are even being allowed to adopt children. Moreover, science widely promotes the theory that humans descend directly from monkeys. This is another false piece of information, because God himself created man and woman. It was he who wanted them to become a family, multiply and live happily ever after, and as much as possible without sinning. Therefore, I believe that it is the responsibility of each of us to show our children the real truth. The sooner you do it, the better, because later on when the child becomes a young person he or she may have serious doubts and problems to distinguish what is true and what is false. We treat sins in exactly the same way. Many believe that sins are natural and they even end up commiting them consciously every day. In the twenty-first century, it has become a common belief when one commits several sins, and they get accumulated, then they can just go to confession and everything will be solved. Worse still, more and more people are forgetting the importance of the sacrament of Penance, which every Christian should seek solace in regularly. Over the last few months, I have read over a dozen books and compared the events that took place during the apparitions of Mary. Did you know that they have intensified now? When reading about the apparitions, one can very easily notice an important regularity - Mary always invites us to pray for those who sin. We are encouraged to pray for their conversion, because there are so many sins in the world that we are inviting something disastrous to happen at any moment. Mary tries to make us aware that every sin is a new wound on the body of Jesus Christ. It is true that God is merciful, but unfortunately things have never been as serious as they are now. The pillars on which the Christian faith rests, that is - the family as a union between a man and a woman who together can give birth to a new life - are currently being seriously weakened by the promotion of homosexuality. Sins are being treated as commonplace and as a norm, and in various countries protests of people who demand the legalization of abortion are on the rise. Did you know that about 40 million unborn babies are being killed each year? By doing this, we inflict great pain on God and completely forget that it is a murder, that is, a grave sin. People still think that God will forgive everything, both the seemingly minor sins and the gravest ones, including abortion. After all, that's what the Bible says, and priests keep repeating it at masses, right? I agree, but God will forgive us all of these grace sins on one condition - if we finally resolve in changing our lives and convert. I am observing with concern what has been happening in the world in recent years, including, for example, in France, where attacks on the Church are becoming increasingly severe, and more churches are being torn down. With each passing year, faith is evidently lessening dramatically. More and more people are turning away from God. We are not only destroying the house of God, but also the testimony of our culture and heritage. After all, temples were built by our ancestors over the past 2,000 years. Remember that all this is the result of Satan's use of unbelievers to weaken the Christian faith. They are tools for him which are enabling him to implement his sinister plans. Man's fixation on money and earthly things are making this task much easier for him. We are susceptible to the temptations he suggests, as well as to their increasing popularity. This is gradually contributing to many people forgetting all about God. Our views on what is truly important start to change and little by little we will start accepting that this is what will make our life better. I want to emphasize that I do not want you to misunderstand me, because I am in no way saying that we should not watch TV, or use the internet. We need all of this. However, I would like to strongly alert you to the fact that there are many good TV programmes, applications and teachings about God, but there are many others which are intertwining in them. They may seem okay, and that there is nothing wrong with them. But if you consider them closely, you will manage to realise that they could easily lead us away from our faith’s principles, and from goodness and a life without sin. Since we're on the subject of mobile applications, let's dwell on it for a while longer. Have you ever wondered what love looks like today, specifically a relationship between two people who claim to love each other? Lots of people get to know each other through online these days, right? Everything seems to have been rendered easier remotely, without physical contact, by choosing between clicking "yes" or "no". These people do not know anything about each other, they meet fleetingly, and the learning process is based on simply viewing photos of one another. Can this type of relationship, which is actually more of an acquaintance, last for many years, and lead to the possibility of starting a family and giving birth to children? In my opinion, no, and I believe that this is the main reason for the increasing number of divorces every year. There is no real magic related to true love here. The feeling of falling in love for the first time and being in love with another person for better and for worse and slowly diminishing. More and more people are failing to experience the beauty of getting to know each other and discovering one anothers. What did we get in return for this? Quick, fleeting acquaintances. It may be pleasant especially at first, but it actually leaves a huge void in the heart and soul that cannot be filled in any way. Worse, the longer this kind of relationship lasts, the more it torments us, and the emptiness it leaves behind just deepens. Unfortunately, we live in sad times where every path that once led to God begins to fade. As a result, we only seem to be focusing on the paths created by Satan, the paths of evil which lead us nowhere but slowly and surely steer us away from God. Have you never wondered why you feel unhappy? Chances are that you feel unhappy and unsatisfied despite the fact that you seem tohave everything you wished for. Many people feel a void even though they managed to acquire whatever they wanted to buy. The answer to this question is very plain; the main source of this problem is that there is no God in this kind of life where we focus only on earthly things and possessions. In life, you tend to pay attention only to yourself. You are completely indifferent to the fate of others, and you turn your eyes away when you see other people’s sadness or pain. You may not be interested in anyone but yourself, or just your closest family members. You only have one thing on your mind – acquiring as many material possessions, money, fame and success as possible, and indulging in passionate but short relationships which hold no real value or love. With the right efforts, you will get it all and then what? Unfortunately, you will reach the worst possible moment. You will realice that you did get what you originally wanted or yearned for, but you still don't feel satisfied. The needs are there all the time, but it is impossible to meet them all in any way. We live in times when people have lost their self respect. The blame for this is generally blamed on others, because most tend to excuse the fact that after all everyone does it, so there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately, sinning is becoming normal. Many rely on the thought taht since they did not do anything serious such as killing someone, then everything is OK, and others  have surely committed more serious sins. We do not realize how wrong we are. Sooner or later this kind of reasoning could lead to very serious results. Worse still, all of this affects families as well. A few big quarrels are enough for a relationship to break up and, as a result, divorce rates are consistently on the rise. It is the children who suffer the most, because unfortunately such traumas will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We often make decisions that unfortunately do more harm to others than we think. Such activities will probably change your life, but remember that it will often happen at the expense of your children and sometimes other relatives too. Moreover, even though you will seemingly change something, you will not be able to remove the void in your heart. You can just temporarily resort to something that will make you forget, but it will only be a temporary measure. Sooner or later, it will start to bother you, or not satisfy you as much as you thought it would. You will eventually begin to wonder if the decisions you made were actually the right ones, and if it was indeed possible to solve the problem in some other way. Are you aware how many people, after divorce, are unsuccessfully looking for another lover. They generally look for a partner with whom they want to spend the rest of their days, but unfortunately, in many cases it turns out to be very difficult to find such a person. These people often think they are perfect, and that their previous relationship ended because the other spouse was at fault. But the truth is generally the other way round. Why am I writing this? Because I believe that in reality change must start with yourself! None of us are perfect, but it is worth striving to improve a current situation or relationship. Bear in mind that God loves each and every one of us, regardless of our faults and the sins that we committed. He only asks us to convert, pray to the Holy Trinity and go to church so as to live our faith. Although people are not always able to forgive, God always does, and you should remember this. All you have to do is just change and ask for forgiveness. Start by going to confession, free yourself from everything that is burdening you and start from scratch with a clean slate. We are living in difficult times, and the situation is getting worse and our children will suffer severely. It is time to embark on a process where we seek to change for the better, and teach young people to love God properly. Can't you see that things are getting worse on Earth? Frequent earthquakes, massive hurricanes, floods, financial crises, and a pandemic that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Pause for a moment and think calmly how much time you have devoted to your children recently. Also, look back on how it used to be when you were little yourself - how much were your parents focused on you? You will probably say that times have changed a lot. In the 21st century, we have had so many technological advancements and improvements, and we have progressed a great deal. Our lives should be better, more efficient and easier. But the truth is that we are consistently focusing on what is not so important, and always chasing something. Most of the time we are not even well aware what our goals are. Is it really so important to have the best car, a bigger and more luxurious house so as to be better than our neighbor, always wear fashionable clothes and own the best phone? Not really right? By focusing on these things we are ending up distancing ourselves from our children and families, as well as from God. You need to realice that when you chase such material things you are only focusing on things that will not last forever, as our mortal life will ultimately come to an end someday. After all, Jesus, that is, his Son, gave His life for us so that we might be forgiven all our sins. That's when people got the chance to start all over again. Now you will probably say that more than 2,000 years have passed since then? This is true, but unfortunately I think that despite the passage of such a long period, nothing has changed for the better, and on the contrary, it is getting worse and worse. We are developing, but unfortunately these modern technologies are taking up most of our time. Could you try to avoid spending too much time in front of the TV or browsing online? You might ask what for? The answer is that if you reduce the amount of time you spend on devices and gadgets you will be able to gain, at least a few minutes eveyr day, to focus on more important things in life. Wouldn’t it be better if you spent some time sitting quietly in a room or in the terrace and read a few pages of a very interesting book. I will leave the list of valuable readings to the end of this post. Besides, you could use this free time to think seriously about what really matters, and most importantly what you are working for. Remember that when this earthly life reaches its end, God will hold us accountable not for the accumulated savings and properties, but for our evidence of faith. After all, we will not be able to take any of such material things with us. As long as your children are close to God, He will definitely help them, even when they find themselves in a more difficult situation, so possessions are definitely not the most important thing. Do you think that by sending your child to a Catholic school it will bring them closer to God? Certainly yes it can help, but if a young person returns home and does not practice his or her faith, the education received at school will serve very little. It is very important to make sure that you go to mass regularly. A trip to church a few times a year when it happens to be a holiday is not enough. If faith is not nurtured, it will sadly diminish very quickly. Did you ever think about how many hours there are in one week? The answer is 168 hours. Do you think it will be such a big challenge to devote at least 1 hour to God, to go to Sunday mass? I hardly think so, and I invite you to think of it this way the next time you do not feel like going to church. I invite you to stop for a moment, and allow yourself to think how much time you really waste each day on a completely pointless search for irrelevant things online. How much do you waste writing meaningless comments or sharing photos on the web just to show off? Couldn’t you try to save some of that time so as to devote it to better and more important things? Remember, that as Catholics, we have a duty to preach the word of God and speak of God, Jesus, and Mary. Do you want to do something truly good and worthwhile? Then devote time to teach your child to say prayers, and encourage them to do so every night. Encourage them to speak with God and to share whatever is bothering them with Jesus. From an early age, a child should feel that God is close to him, always, and all the time. He needs to feel His presence and His willingness to help him out in difficult times. Do you still remember Janusz, whom I mentioned earlier? When I watched the interviews with the priest he recommended, I also met him, and he encouarged me to read the Bible. It was something completely new for me, because I honestly never read it. All I knew was that it was some old religious book about a very ancient history. However, thanks to Janusz, I started to read it every day. I made it a point to read calmly and attentively a few pages daily. Would you like to try it too? On our website you will find the Bible in several different languages. I strongly encourage you to buy at least one copy, as the Bible should be present in every Catholic home. It's best to keep it exposed and in a clearly visible place because it should not just lie on a shelf – it needs to be opened ideally on a daily basis as it holds so much within it! But let's get back to my story - I will not hide that initially the adventure with reading the Bible was rather difficult for me. The language in which the Old Testament was written is not so normal in the 21st century. It's a bit hard to read at times, but this should definitely not discouarge you. You should try to devote every spare moment you can find to reading the Bible. Try to stop more and more often and refer to the Bible, and gradually you will start to free yourself from the unimportant activities that previously took up so much of your time every day. However, I want to state that I didn't do this alone. My whole family read the Bible and that's how it all started with us. During this period, not much else happened - we just watched, from time to time, more interviews with the priest. Eventually October 2020 arrived. You will probably think now that it took us an awful long time to read the Bible, from April to October. However, remember that we only spent a few minutes every day reading, and there is a lot to read. In addition, reading the Old Testament is more demanding than reading the New Testament. But does it really matter how long it takes you to read the Bible? Even if a year passes by this is not a race. Just read at your own pace, slowly and attentively, so as to learn and become one with God. The most important thing in all of this is that when you reach outa for the Bible, you took this first, very important step towards a change for the better. After we finished reading the Bible, it was time to buy some sreligious books. We chose the titles written by people who experienced Mary's apparitions. We also read about Father Dolindo and the people who heard the voice of Jesus, and to whom He told what to write to spread his words around the world. We read several amazing stories that will surely leave an impact on you as well. Are you afraid you are running out of time? Believe me, it is enough to give up one inconspicuous, but insignificant activity to suddenly gain several minutes to read a really good book. If you don't know where to start, I will be presenting you with a list of interesting titles at the end - these are the books that definitely touched us the most. I have not mentioned yet that in the so-called in the meantime, our son received his First Holy Communion. Unfortunately, all this coincided with the period of the pandemic, and thus with serious limitations in the functioning of the society. With God's help, we managed to organize everything, but unfortunately, due to restrictions, the ceremony took place without the participation of our closest family. For us, however, the most important thing was that the son accepted Jesus into his heart. In fact, it was a turning point in our lives. From that moment on, we started going to Mass together every Sunday. Of course, at first it was a bit strange and somewhat difficult. Mass seemed to be long and the sermons were not always easy to understand. Fortunately, after a few weeks everything started to change. I began to focus on the sermons, not just listen to them, but also understanding and valuing what I was hearing. In time i started to relate what i was listening to during the sermon with what I had just read in the Bible. What's more, my private and professional life began to change as well. First of all, I was able to reduce my working time considerably. Although sometimes I have to carry out my professional duties for a bit longer, I now have a lot more time for both my family and people who need my help. And this brings me to another important point: Have you ever helped someone, perhaps a stranger? If not, you have no idea how beautiful this moment is and how rewarding it can be. When you offer your help, support or assistance to someone, you feel your heart contented, and your soul rejoices. You can experience it yourself by helping someone, such as someone who is begging on the streets, the missionaries, and other people in need. You might think that instead of spending money on food, a beggar will probably go to the store and buy a bottle of alcohol. Well, you may be right, but remember that what is most important is your intention and your kindness in doing the gesture. What really matters is that you wanted to do a good deed, and you certainly felt better afterwards. Remember that God wants you to help your neighbor. Even in the Bible it says never to say no to those who ask for help. While helping people, we also wanted to do something more - the next step was to provide financial support to our local parish. This money has long been needed for an urgent repair of a heavily leaking roof. Our church is very small and as we started attending mass regularly, there were seldom more than 20-25 people present. However, today the situation has changed completely. Every Sunday we see at least 100 people attending mass. It is so beautiful to see everyone united in prayer, and to experience the beauty of several people who wanted to get back on track in terms of their faith. I know that many people think it is okay to donate the smallest possible coin in their purse, as after all nobody will know what you gave. However I invite you to be more generous as sadly the big churches where many people attend to mass tend to collect a lot of money, while the small churches located in the smaller towns and villages often barely manage to make ends meet with the money they collect. The situation becomes even worse if very few people attend Sunday mass. Collecting more money for a major renovation of the building is thus a huge problem here. Once, during December, I was reading a book on my terrace and it occured to me to try to make Christmas packages for the homeless. I decided to do it even though we didn't have a lot of money at the time. The end of the year is always associated with large expenses. In addition, due to the pandemic, we had much less customers than usual throughout the year, which of course led to lower earnings and profits. The year was relatively difficult, but the thought of helping the homeless remained on my mind. I suspect that the Lord Jesus himself encouraged me to take such a step and finally we decided to do a good deed for Christmas - we prepared gift packages for 12 people in need. Precisely on Christmas Eve, on December 24, we packed all the Christmas packages and as a family we set off to look for the homeless. Finding these people is not particularly difficult - most of them spend the night under bridges or in abandoned buildings. I passed the gifts to these people together with my 10-year-old son. For the rest of my life, I will never forget the expressions on their faces. They were surprised and at the same time incredibly happy that someone thought of them and wanted to help them. Their emotions were stimulated by the fact that they were not left alone on this very special day. As I was leaving, I told these people that the Lord Jesus had not forgotten them and at the same time I emphasized that it is never too late to convert. What made me even happier was that my son was clearly proud of his father. In addition, he learned a great lesson, which I hope will remain imprinted on his mind forever - that you cannot look only after yourself, but it is also worth helping others, especially those who are in a difficult situation. To this day, I feel the joy of helping other people and I hope that next year we will be able to make more gifts for the homeless. Perhaps the visitors to this website will help in this - it would surely be a beautiful initiative. And so, slowly we are approaching the end of our story. However, I must mention one more very important event. While the conversion process was underway, Mary appeared to our son in a dream. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm whether this revelation was real or just an ordinary dream or merely the product of a child's fantasy. We asked many people if they had such dreams during their childhood, and we never got an affirmative answer. So we hope it was a message from God, and we hope it will happen again in the future. Our family also experienced God's grace. A few days after the apparition, our son woke up with severe pain in his leg. He is very active in sports as he trains a lot and therefore he could have suffered an injury. On his way to school that day, he was very lame and pleaded with God for help and relief from this pain. Literally seconds after saying these words, the pain disappeared completely. When he came home and started telling me about it, he had tears in his eyes and I cried with him. To us it was proof that God is with us all the time, and sadly it is our fault when we do not see him or feel His presence. Although evil is very much present in this world, at the same time a lot of good things are happening around us and more often than not we do snot notice. We are humans and we need hard evidence. As long as we do not see God's actions with our own eyes, until Jesus stands before our eyes and admits to doing this good, we often do not manage to believe in Him. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons people turn their backs on the Church and God. They do not go to mass and do not pray because they believe that everything they have achieved in life is only the result of their hard work. The situation usually changes when something really bad happens in life. It is at this time that people suddenly remember that there is God, pray to Him, and gradually seek redemption and conversion. Remember that although God is merciful, we cannot always ask away all the time. He is not there to see to our requests as if He were a genie. Prayer also needs to focus on being thankful and grateful to God. So we should always thank Him, and direct your prayers to Jesus and Mary. Please do bear in mind that God should not be asked for a lucky lottery ticket, riches or wealth. We should seek to pray for important things such as health, happiness, love, peace and help in solving serious life problems. I recommend that you thank the Lord Jesus every morning after waking up for the fact that you have lived to see a new day and for your wonderful family. In turn, in the evening, say a prayer and thank Him for everything that you have received and experienced during the past day. It's really simple, it literally takes a moment and you will definitely feel much happier. I will not hide that fact that for over a year we have been focusing on the implementation of a project other than this one. It was very complex and, unfortunately, it concerns a topic that is unknown to us. In the end, we undertook a project that was an interesting challenge for us, but for the last 2 months we had difficulties solving some problems. And so, the aforementioned Janusz appears again. It was he who sent me the text by Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo, which is entitled "Jesus, you take care of it - The act of surrender to Jesus". I have posted it on the site, so if you want to read it, please go to the page titled "Jesus". After reading it, I woke up the next morning, and I decided to rethink the problems we encountered during the project. Then I said out loud, "Jesus, you take care of it." Believe it or not, but literally moments after this event, an answer popped up in my head! In a fraction of a second I was able to solve the problem that had been bothering us for over 2 months. We spent so many weeks getting through a difficulty that turned out to be easy to overcome, simply by placing our faith and trust in Jesus. As you may see this site is not so elaborate or impeccably designed, but I can assure you that it took me a lot of time to prepare it. It was also difficult to get everything up and running, and remember that I added all the texts in as many as 3 different languages. What's more, we were preparing this page while working on other projects. There were a lot of problems during the construction of the website. Complications related to how everything is supposed to work, what to add where and how to create a website that could meets our expectations. When problems multiplied, I would always stop for a moment, go out on the terrace and read a book. As I sat there in silence, I was thinking as well, and in many cases a new idea generally occured to me. When my troubles overwhelmed me, I always asked Jesus for help, and He always gave me interesting solutions practically instantly. As a result, virtually everything you find here was dictated to me by Jesus himself. No, I didn't have a revelation - he didn't show up to me personally. However, he constantly provided me with a lot of ideas that always pushed the construction of this website forward. If you make up your mind and try to get back on track, you'll realize the main goal of this website. Remember that when you face serious problems, you should always turn to Jesus for help. Jesus is everywhere and always waiting for you at any time of the day or night. It may be hard for us to understand this, but this is the truth. When you are struggling with difficult life situations, do not hesitate to say "Jesus, you take care of it"! Now I am really reaching the end of our story. Towards the end of December 2020, together with our family, we began to pray the Pompeian Novena - this is a prayer addressed to Mary. If you want to do the same, you can find the content of the prayer on our website. I highly recommend it! This novena will help you solve your greatest problems and worries, and will also support you in changing your life for the better. 54 days of prayers that are said each day, divided into 3 rosaries a day. There is a lot of it, but don't get discouraged. If you only persevere to the end, your life will change for sure. Just pray hard for it as you say the Novena and entrust everything to Mary. After 3 days, we noticed the first changes for the better. Suddenly, customers who had not contacted us for years began to come back to us, and at the same time many new ones appeared as well. Our life started to get along better and our family relations improved too. We sincerely wish you the same positive experiences. We hope that with our help and of course, with God's help, conversion will be possible in the shortest possible time. Of course, everyone experiences this in their own unique way, but if you manage to achieve this goal, be sure to share your story with your relatives and friends. Also, don't forget to add your comment under the Pompeian Novena - you will help others change their lives for the better, and maybe become an inspiration for them too. Why was this website created? I will not hide that fact that this website was created primarily in honor of Mary, but of course also to help other people find God and return to the right path. Remember that time goes by very quickly, and you never really know when you will leave this world. If you don't have time to do a proper examination of your conscience and try to change your life for the better before then, you will probably end up in purgatory or even hell. It really does exist, as evidenced by the documented revelations of many people. However, it is not for this reason alone that I believe in the existence of Satan. After all, the fight between good and evil has been going on since the creation of our world, and unfortunately, now, in the 21st century, it is intensifying. Evidently, Satan is keen on attracting as many souls as possible to him today. He is tempting us with even greater temptations just to take away our time to think about God. He wants to chase us into his kingdom, and unfortunately you have to remember that in the end only Satan will be happy that he has managed to deceive us. The idea behind the creation of our website was, among others, a willingness to collect all Mary's apparitions in one place. Here we present events that have taken place in different regions of the world and which have intensified recently. We update these revelations on a regular basis and I strongly encourage you to read what Mary tells people during such apparitions. Some of these events have been confirmed by the Church and others have not yet been, because the process is complicated and often very time-consuming. Often, in a given region of the world, the number of apparitions, miracles and favors received is quite big, and confirmed by dozens or even hundreds of people. Despite this, the Church must carefully analyze each of these event, and as a result confirming them takes a long time, often several years. Unfortunately, this situation negatively affects the people who experienced the apparitions. They are exposed to constant attacks by others who do not believe in all these events. They are accused of untruths or that they are attempting to promote themselves and earn fame. Unfortunately, we have no influence on how these events are verified by the Church, and so we have no choice but to wait patiently and entrust everything to God Himself. The famous Fatima Apparitions are a good example of this. They took place in 1917, and it was only in 1930 that they were officially confirmed by the Church. By using our website, you will not only learn about all of Mary's apparitions, but also find out if they have already been officially confirmed. Interestingly, there are some places that have not been confirmed by the Church despite indisputable evidence. An example of this is Medjugorje, where apparitions have been taking place for years. In addition, many people experience healing and grace, and every year pilgrims from all over the world go there. However, we do not judge these decisions. I am writing about it only because I would like you to avoid focusing on whether the given events have been confirmed by the Church, but rather to appreciate their beauty and value in terms of our faith. So please do read about them, regardless of their current status. What are our plans? We are confident that this site will continue to get many visitors and readers, and we plan to further develop the website, including the regular addition of various interesting functions, and possibly, even managing to transform it into a foundation in time. Then we will be able to collect money for various good causes together with all the users. We believe that we can do a lot together! Although these are our plans, of course we leave everything in the hands of God, and always rely on his help. If you just want to help us in some way or have an idea on how we can expand or improve this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter - thanks to this you will be updated with any news and updates on the site. We hope you have enjoyed our story and we truly wish that we could have been an inspiration for you. We have experienced many graces in our lives, but writing about all of them would probably result in writing a whole book! We invite you to visit us on a regular basis, and to start working on your transformation for the better as from today! Bear in mind that thanks to this you can lead a better, more fulfilling and happier life, and that we can all meet in Heaven one day. We wish you all the best! Recommended books: (unfortunately, not all the books I have read are translated into english) Jesus Calling – Sarah Young The Warning - Christine Watkins Through the Eyes of Jesus – Carver Alan Ames