Our Lady
of Good Event

A religious sister, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, reported that the Virgin Mary appeared to her at the Conceptionist Convent in Quito, Ecuador, under the title "Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso" According to Mother Mariana, Mary requested that a statue be made in her likeness and made several predictions, saying that the Church and the world would enter into a period of crisis beginning in the mid-20th century, and that this period would be followed by a complete restoration. Although the phrase "Good Event" in the apparition title is also understood to refer to this prophesied restoration, the phrase, properly speaking, refers to the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Jesus. The Apparitions was approved in 1611. Our Lady appeared to her for the first time and said: “I am María del Buen Suceso, Queen of Heaven and Earth. I have come to console your tormented heart! Satan tries to destroy this work of God by using My unfaithful daughters, but he will not achieve the goal, because I am the Queen of victory and the Mother of Good Event, and under this title I wish to be known for the preservation of My monastery and its inhabitants. " Soon after this vision, the community elected a new superior under whose rule the religious rule was relaxed; the strict silence faded. Sr. Marianna tried to convince the new superior of the dangers of doing so, which drew the anger of the other sisters. Once again, she was touched by slander and lies, and even worse, the vicar general agreed to send her to prison on charges of disobedience. The good sisters, who had suffered such blatant injustice, were also imprisoned; there were 25 of them in total. Over the next five years, Sr. Marianna, who was imprisoned three times for a long time, received many special favors and had visions of Our Lady who showed her the future of the convent and Ecuador. She also ordered the statue of Our Lady of the Good Event to be made and placed on the throne of the Superior of the Order as a sign that she was the Lady of the monastery: "In my right hand, place the crosier and keys as a symbol of my authority and a sign that the monastery is my property." At the end, Mother Superior realized that she was wrong to deal with the founding sisters, released them and resigned from her office. Then Bishop Quito ordered a hearing about the accusations against the sisters. When it turned out that he had been misled by slander, he had the main person responsible for the confusion arrested - La Capitana's sister. However, she did not plead guilty, refused to eat and began to blaspheme. Then Mother Marianna asked the bishop for permission to transfer the rebellious sister to the convent infirmary, where she looked after her herself, despite the fact that she only experienced curses and insults in return. Fearing for this sister's eternal life, Mother Marianna fervently asked Jesus to save her soul. She realized then that her request would be heard if she agreed to live spiritually five years of Hell's punishment. She immediately consented to it, and shortly after that, La Capitana converted, made a general confession and became a model of humility and piety for the rest of her life. She died a year after the death of Marianna's mother. Meanwhile, Mother Marianna had to fulfill a promise: during the five years she felt condemned and rejected by the God whom she loved so much; she spiritually experienced the torments of the damned. A vision of the profanation of the Holy Sacraments On January 20, 1610, Our Lady appeared to her again and said, among other things: “Know that from the end of the 19th century, especially in the 20th century, passions will explode and there will be a complete corruption of morals, because Satan will reign almost completely through the Masonic sects. To do this, they will especially focus on children. Woe to the children of those times! It will be difficult to receive the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. Using those in power, the devil will try to destroy the sacrament of confession (...) The same will be with Holy Communion. Unfortunately! How much it saddens Me to reveal to you so many and terrible sacrilege - both public and secret - committed for the profanation of the Holy Eucharist! During these times Christ's enemies, encouraged by the devil, will often steal consecrated hosts from the churches to defile the Eucharistic figures. My Holy Son sees Himself thrown to the ground and trampled underfoot by unclean feet ”. The Holy Mother goes on to say about the neglect of the sacrament of the last anointing, as a result of which many souls will be deprived of consolation and graces at the decisive moment of death. “The sacrament of marriage, symbolizing the union of Christ with his Church, will be the object of attacks and profanation in the strictest sense of the word. Freemasonry, which will then rule, will introduce unjust laws aimed at destroying this sacrament, and thus facilitate everyone's life in a state of sin, and will increase the number of children born in illegal relationships, not included in the Church. The Christian spirit will quickly fall, the precious light of Faith will be extinguished to such an extent that there will be almost complete corruption of morals. The effects of secularized education will accumulate, causing, among other things, scarcity of priestly and religious vocations. The sacrament of the priesthood will be ridiculed, scorned and scorned. The devil will persecute the Lord's ministers in every way possible. It will act with cruel and subtle cunning, dissuading them from the spirit of calling and seducing many. These depraved priests, who will stumble the Christian people, will arouse hatred of evil Christians and enemies of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church who will turn against all priests. This apparent triumph of Satan will bring immense suffering to the good shepherds of the Church. Moreover, in those unfortunate times, there will be an unrestrained flood of impurity which, driving the rest of people into sin, will drag countless reckless souls to eternal damnation. You will not find innocence in children, and modesty in women. In those moments of greatest need of the Church, those who are to speak will remain silent! ” At the end, Our Lady again ordered figures to be made in her honor. Miraculous statue of Our Lady del Buen Suceso Immediately after this apparition, Mother Marianna asked Bishop Quito to respond to the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary as soon as possible. After receiving his consent, she entrusted the performance to the artist Francisco del Castillo, who was not only an experienced sculptor, but also a man of great virtue combined with deep Marian devotion. When the job was done, he decided he would have to travel to Europe to find the best Madonna face paints. He promised to return to Quito by January 16, 1611 and complete the work. However, the night before his arrival, the figure's face was miraculously painted. When the sisters came to matins early in the morning, the chapel was filled with blue light surrounding the statue. When the artist arrived at the monastery the next morning to finish his work, he exclaimed in surprise: “What do I see? This wonderful sculpture is not my work. This is an angelic work because something so wonderful could not be created here on earth by the hands of a mortal. No sculptor, however gifted, could create such perfection and unearthly beauty. " The sculptor confirmed the authenticity of the miracle under oath. Under the declaration he wrote, there is also the signature of Bishop Quito, who soon had a novena prepared for the solemn enthronement. On February 2, 1611, he solemnly consecrated the miraculous statue of Our Lady of the Good Event. The sculpture was carried in a solemn procession to the higher choir of the monastery church on a specially prepared throne. Every year it is carried in procession from the choir to the main altar during the novena preceding the feast of Our Lady of the Good Event on February 2. In recent years, the statue is also displayed for the faithful during the Marian month (i.e. in May) and during the Holy Rosary month (in October). The main revelation: the extinction of the eternal lamp and its meaning Mother Marianna spent the rest of her life on internal and external mortifications and sacrifices: she wanted to become a victim for the twentieth century, as the Holy Mother asked her. Sister Marianna had the most important apparition on the morning of February 2, 1634, when the eternal lamp burning in front of the altar suddenly went out while praying before the Blessed Sacrament. When Sister Marianna tried to light it again, Our Lady appeared to her and said: “Prepare your soul so that more and more cleansed it may enter into the fullness of your Lord's joy. Oh, if mortals, and especially godly souls, knew what heaven is, what it is to have God, how else would they have lived and would not refuse any sacrifice to possess Him. The extinction of the monastery lamp you saw has many meanings: First, in the late nineteenth century and during much of the twentieth century, there will be confusion in the then free republic. Then the precious light of faith will be extinguished in souls because of the almost complete corruption of morals. During this period there will be great physical and moral calamities, public and private. A small group of people who keep the treasure of faith and virtue will experience cruel and unspeakable sufferings and prolonged martyrdom. In order to free people from the slavery of these heresies, those whom My Holy Son has called to perform the Renewal need great willpower, perseverance, courage and trust in God. There will come a point when everything will seem lost and all efforts will be in vain; it will be so to test the faith and trust of the righteous, then there will be a happy beginning of complete regeneration. Second, My assemblies will be deserted, drowned in the abyss of an ocean of bitterness, and it will seem that they will drown in these various waters of calamity. How many true callings will be lost through mishandling and lack of spiritual guidance! The third reason the lamp went out is the atmosphere of those times, filled with the spirit of impurity, like a hideous flood that will flood streets, squares and public places, so much so that there will be almost no virginal soul left in the world. The fourth reason is that after infiltrating all strata of society, the Masonic sects will spread their mistakes in families with great cunning, primarily to spoil children. In these unfortunate times evil will strike the child's innocence, and thus the priestly ordained will be wasted. However, even then there will be religious congregations that support the Church, and holy priests - hidden and beautiful souls who will work with energy and selfless zeal for the salvation of souls. The wicked will wage a cruel war against them, slandering, insulting and harassing them, trying to discourage them from fulfilling their duties. But they, like solid columns, will not give up and will face it all in a spirit of humility and sacrifice, in which they will be armed with the infinite merits of My Most Holy Son, loving them in the innermost depths of His Most Sacred and Most tender Heart. How much will the Church suffer in that dark night! There will be no prelate and father who would keep watch with love, gentleness, strength and foresight, and many will lose God's spirit, putting their souls in great danger. Pray earnestly, cry tirelessly and cry incessantly with bitter tears, secretly begging our Heavenly Father that, out of love for the Eucharistic Heart of my Most Holy Son, for His Precious Blood poured out with such generosity, and the deep bitterness and pain of His Passion and death, he would have mercy on His servants and put an end to these terrible times, and to send the Church a prelate who will renew the spirit of its priests. This beloved son whom My Divine Son and I will surround with a special love and filled with many graces: humility of heart, submission to God's inspirations, strength so that he can defend the rights of the Church. We will give him a tender and compassionate heart, which will be embraced by a second Christ, the great and the little ones, not despising the most unfortunate, who will ask him for light and advice in their doubts and difficulties. Dimensions will be placed in his hands, so that everything will be done according to weight and measure, for the glory of God. Before the arrival of this prelate and father, many hearts of those consecrated to God in the priesthood and order will be frigid ... everything will result in the loss of many souls. To dispel these black clouds, preventing the Church from enjoying a bright day of freedom, a terrible war will break out, in which the blood of its own and of strangers, priests and religious will flow. This night will be so terrible that people will think that evil has triumphed. Then my hour will strike: I will dethrone the proud, damned Satan, crush him under my feet and throw him into the abyss of hell. In this way, the Church and this country will in the end be freed from its cruel tyranny. The fifth reason why the lamp in the monastery has gone out is that influential people will look with indifference at the oppressed Church, the persecuted virtue and the triumphant Satan, not using their influence according to God's will to fight evil or renew faith. And so people will gradually become indifferent to God's demands, accept the spirit of evil, and allow all kinds of vice and sin to sweep away. My dear daughter, if you were to live in these terrible times, you would die of pain to see that what I have revealed to you is being done. However, the love of My Most Holy Son and mine for this earth is so great that we want your sacrifices and good deeds to contribute to shortening the duration of this terrible catastrophe from now on." The revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus about the crisis in the Church In the last ten months of the life of Marianna's mother, who was increasingly ill and suffering, Our Lady appeared to her several times. Mother Marianna was a model for the whole community, she offered all her torments for the Church, especially in the 20th century. One day she received the grace of a vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, surrounded by small, piercing thorns that were cruelly wounding Him. The Lord Jesus explained their meaning to her: “Understand that they [thorns] signify the grave and daily sins of my priests and religious, whom I release from the world and lead them to monasteries. It is their ingratitude and indifference that so cruelly wounds My Heart. There are times when [My] teaching will be well known to the learned and the unlearned. Many books will be written on religious subjects, but there will be few souls to practice these teachings and virtues, saints will be rare. That is why my priests and religious will fall into complete indifference. Their coldness will extinguish the fire of God's love, thus they hurt My Loving Heart with these little thorns you see… Know also that Divine Justice will send terrible punishments on entire nations, not only for the sins of people, but also especially for the sins of priests and religious - for the latter are called, by the perfection of their state, to become the salt of the earth, masters of truth, restraining God's wrath. By abandoning their God-given mission, they humiliate themselves to such an extent that in God's eyes they increase the severity of the punishment." The last apparition of Our Lady of the Good Event For the last time, Our Lady appeared to Mother Marian on December 8, 1634, announcing her imminent death. She again emphasized the importance of confession and Holy Communion, as well as the heavy responsibility of priests. She predicted various events that would take place in the 19th century. She also spoke of the role of monasteries in which purity and mortification are preserved: "They will purify the atmosphere polluted by those who indulge in the most heinous sins and passions." At Mother Marianna's request that her name should remain unknown, Our Lady replied that only after three centuries of mysterious silence, these apparitions and her name would be rediscovered. Finally, she warned that devotion to her "will bear fruit miraculously in the spiritual and temporal realm, especially in the 20th century, because it is God's will to keep this title of mine and your life for that age, when the corruption of morals will be almost universal and the precious light of faith. it almost goes out." On January 16, 1635, Marianna's mother died after receiving the last sacraments. In 1906, during the renovation of the monastery, the coffin was opened and her body was found intact.