Our Lady
of Guadalupe

St. Juan Diego encountered Mary as he climbed the Hill of Tepeyac in Mexico during a routine walk in 1531. She identified herself as the Virgin Mary, the “mother of the very true deity” and requested that a chapel be built on the Hill in her honor. After two unsuccessful attempts to convince his bishop, St. Juan Diego explained to Our Lady that he needed to bring a specific sign in order to verify the validity of his vision. The Apparitions was approved in 1555.

Saturday morning, December 9 - 1531
Juan Diego hears birds singing. They call you by your name; He climbs to the top of Tepeyac Hill and sees the Girl who orders him to go to the Bishop and ask him for a temple on the plain.

"My dearest son: I am always the perfect Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the most true God … I very much want you to have goodness to build my little temple for me… There I will always be ready to hear your cry, your sorrow, to cleanse, heal all his sorrows, his pains"

Saturday, December 9 at 5:00 p.m. - 1531
Juan Diego returns to the top and realizes the bishop's disbelief and asks him to choose another messenger. But the Virgin confirms him in his mission and commands him to insist the next day.

"My little son: it is imperative that my wish be completely fulfilled by your intervention. I beg you very much and I command you to go to the bishop again tomorrow. And let him hear my will very clearly so that he can build my temple for which please"

Sunday, December 10, 3:00 p.m. - 1531
At the summit again, Juan Diego relates his second conversation with the bishop. She still doesn't believe him and tells him to ask the Lady for a sign. The Virgin orders Juan Diego to return to the hill the next day to receive the signal she will give him.

"That's good, my son, my beloved. Tomorrow you will come here again to bring the High Priest the proof, the sign he is asking you for. This will make him believe you immediately and trust you"

Juan Diego does not come back due to his uncle Juan Bernardino's illness.

Tuesday morning, December 12 - 1531
Faced with the seriousness of his uncle, Juan Diego goes to Mexico in search of a priest. He circled the hill so the Virgin wouldn't find him. But she goes out to meet him; She assures him of his uncle's illness:

"I give you my full assurance that he has already been healed": she sends him to the summit for roses that will be a signal, take it to the bishop. For your part, you will tell him to want to see my desire in her and thus to do my will"

Tuesday morning, December 12 - 1531
At the same time as Juan Diego appears, Juan Bernardino, the clairvoyant's uncle, appears at home to cure him of diseases and tell him what her name is, and asks if from now on

"her precious image is exactly called, is known as THE VIRGIN OF SANTA MARIA DE GUADALUPE"

Tuesday afternoon, December 12 - 1531
In the house of Bishop Fray Juan de Zumárraga, Juan Diego shows the roses he wore in his ayate, a sign given by the Virgin. "He unfolded the tilma in which he carried flowers. And so, while the various precious flowers were scattered, at the same moment… the venerated image of the ever-virgin Mary, the Mother of God, suddenly appeared in humble ayate, just as now we are fortunate enough to worship Her for this who she is, in her favorite home, her temple in Tepeyac"