Our Lady
of Pellevoisin

In 1876, a French domestic servant, Estelle Faguette, reported seeing a series of 15 apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the bedroom where she was staying near Pellevoisin, France. When her visions allegedly began, Faguette was terminally ill with tuberculosis and near death. However, in the second apparition, she heard Mary tell her that she would be healed; she recovered and lived until 1929. Faguette also said that during a later apparition, she saw Mary show her the design for the Scapular of the Sacred Heart and told her to ask her bishop to encourage its devotional use. The Shrine of Our Lady of Pellevoisin was later constructed near the site of the apparitions.Although Pope Leo XIII approved the scapular and a confraternity to spread its use, the apparition itself was never approved.

Feb 14, 1876
The first apparition. A demon appeared at the foot of her bed but Our Lady rebuked him and he immediately departed. Our Lady then looked at Estelle and said to her: "Fear nothing, you are my daughter." Mary told her to have courage for she was to suffer five more days in honor of the five wounds of Christ. On Saturday she would either be dead or be cured.

Feb 15, 1876
The Virgin appears again with the demon and promises her safety and healing. Mary showed her the history of her past sins and she was overwhelmed with sorrow.

Feb 16, 1876
The Virgin appears for the third time and exhorts her to courage and reminds her of Her Mercy. She revels in a letter that Estelle had given her.

Feb 17, 1876
The Virgin appears for the fourth time and tells Estelle: "I am all merciful and hold sway with my Son" as well as " Have courage, patience and resignation; you will suffer and will not be free of troubles; try to be faithful and make known my glory"

Feb 18, 1876
The Virgin appears for the fifth time and asks Estelle to be faithful to Her. When Mary disappears, she encounters great pain and suffering but offers it to God. Her right arm remains numb but gains use of it later when a priest suggests it will be healed for her to make the sign of the cross.

July 1, 1876
The Virgin appears for the sixth time. She is completely surrounded by light and dressed in white. She looked at something, crossed Her hands over her chest and smiled saying: "Stay calm my child, patience, it will be difficult for you, but I am with you". She said "Courage, I shall return". and then disappeared again.

July 2, 1876
The Virgin appears for the seventh time. She entrusts Estelle with a secret.

July 3, 1876
The Virgin appears for the eigth time for only a short while. "I want you to be calmer, more peaceful, I have not told you which day or hour I shall return, but you need rest"

Sept 9, 1876
The Virgin appears for the ninth time and reprimands her for not being calm enough to accept a visit from her" I could have come again yesterday; you deprived yourself of my visit because I was waiting for an act of submission and obedience from you"

Sept 10, 1876
The Virgin appeared briefly for the tenth time saying: "They should pray; I will set them an example"

Sept 15, 1876
The Virgin appeared for the eleventh time to inform Estelle that she was to live. She told her: “I CAN STOP MY SON NO LONGER” and "France will suffer"

Nov 1 , 1876
The Virgin appeared for the twelfth time. She stared, as usual, at some invisible object; then looked all around, said nothing and left.

Nov 5, 1876
The Virgin appeared briefly for the thirteenth time. She told Estelle: "I have chosen you. I choose the meek and mild for My glory. Be brave, your time of trails are about to commence."

Nov 11, 1876
The Virgin appeared briefly for the fourteenth time. She exhorted Estelle to make many more scapulars.