Our Lady
of Rosary of San Nicolas

San Nicolas de los Arroyos is located in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, 230 km from the Federal Capital, on the banks of the Paraná River. City where in 1852 it was agreed to found the Constituent Assembly, for that reason known as City of Agreement, or also as City of Steel, for the metallurgical industry, since there is one of the largest blast furnaces in Latin America, but it will later be known like the City of Mary. The Apparitions was approved in May 22, 2016.

The city bears the name of a Saint born around the year 270, to whom the greatest number of churches in the world have been built, after the Blessed Virgin. Saint Nicholas valiantly defended at the Council of Nicea the mystery of the divine motherhood of Mary.

In this city that bears her name, on September 25, 1983, the Virgin appeared to Gladys Quiroga de Motta, in her room, while she prayed the rosary.

The Virgin was dressed in blue, she had the Child in her arms and a rosary in her hand. The Blessed Mother made a gesture, as if to give the rosary to Gladys.

The apparition was very brief, like a kind of annunciation.

Gladys is a simple country woman, the wife of a metal worker and the mother of two daughters. She had never experienced anything similar. The day before, she had seen the rosary that she had hanging in her room light up. Some neighbors saw it too. She there she began to pray the rosary, and the next day the first appearance of her took place.

For some time, in various places in Buenos Aires, several families witnessed this phenomenon in their own homes.

Gladys was not used to writing. She attended elementary school through fourth grade. However, she was leaving written testimony of the messages and the events that changed her life and that of many of her.

On September 28 and October 5, 1983, the Virgin again appears to Gladys while she prays the rosary. The Mother repeats the gesture of offering hers. The Virgin had not yet spoken.

On October 7, feast of the Rosary, he felt the interior announcement that he had learned to recognize, he closed his eyes, saw a light, and in it the Blessed Virgin, real and full of life, holding in her hands a large rosary. Gladys asked what she expected of us. The image faded and the vision of a temple appeared. With this she understood that Mary wanted to be among us.

On October 13, the day of the last Fatima apparition, Our Lady speaks for the first time:

You have complied. Do not be afraid. Meet me. From my hand you will walk and many roads you will travel.

After the message the Virgin adds a quote from the Bible, the word of God that illuminates every word. With this text, she encourages her to fulfill her mission, to carry her messages, even when difficulties arise. From there she begins to receive other messages frequently. On October 19 she told him:

Rebel are the unjust and humble the servants of the Lord. Seek help, it will be given to you. Do not be afraid. Nothing will happen to you. The Lord leaves nothing to chance.

On October 25, Gladys goes for the second time, since the apparitions began, to the city of Rosario, seat of the archbishopric, a city consecrated to Our Lady of the Rosary. That day, exactly one month after her first appearance, the Virgin appears to her and offers her a white rosary: ​​she receives this rosary from my hands and keep it forever and ever. I am happy because you are obedient. And rejoice because God is with you.