Hosea, 1

1. The word of the LORD that came to Hosea, the son of Beeri, in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam, son of Joash, king of Israel. 2. In the beginning of the LORD'S speaking to Hosea, the LORD said to Hosea: Go, take a harlot wife and harlot's children, for the land gives itself to harlotry, turning away from the LORD. 3. So he went and took Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim; and she conceived and bore him a son. 4. Then the LORD said to him: Give him the name Jezreel, for in a little while I will punish the house of Jehu for the bloodshed at Jezreel And bring to an end the kingdom of the house of Israel; 5. On that day I will break the bow of Israel in the valley of Jezreel. 6. When she conceived again and bore a daughter, the LORD said to him: Give her the name Lo-ruhama; I no longer feel pity for the house of Israel: rather, I abhor them utterly. 7. Yet for the house of Judah I feel pity; I will save them by the LORD, their God; But I will not save them by war, by sword or bow, by horses or horsemen. 8. After she weaned Lo-ruhama, she conceived and bore a son. 9. Then the LORD said: Give him the name Lo-ammi, for you are not my people, and I will not be your God.
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