Our Lady
of Heede

1 November 1937, when 4 girls Anna Schulte, Greta Gauseforth (11) and Maria Gauseforth (13) and Susanna Bruns went to church for All Saints Day suddenly perceive a hundred feet a "floating light" to a meter from the ground, then see a "light form" resembling a woman's silhouette. Frightened, they re-entered the church. They reported that The Blessed Virgin had appeared to them with the Divine child in her arms.

Another girl, Anna Schulte, surprised leave the church, explored the place indicated by Margaret and Grete, and "go to the Virgin and Child." The ceremony ends. Maria and Grete, accompanied by Anna and Adele Bruns, fifteen years, and her sister Susanne, they decide to go back to the cemetery.

It's there, between the two cypresses!, Margaret exclaims.

The apparition remained silent. All the girls saw the Virgin except for Adele, who impatiently said, "go back to the house, I do not believe these stories."

Margaret and Grete told their mother and immediately alerted Fr. Staelberg, priest of the parish.

The news was received in village with predictable skepticism and amusement. It wasn’t until the girls shown a dramatic change in their way of life that villagers began to wonder. The girls switched from pleasures and amusements to long and fervent prayer, impatiently waiting for the hour when they would see the Heavenly Vision again.

Nov 2, 1937
The next day, at the same time, the "lady" appears without the Baby Jesus, hands clasped in prayer. A murmur runs through the village.

Nov 5, 1937
The third apparition takes place . She asks the four girls questions. The Virgin appears standing on a white cloud "blue", in a "luminous halo, oval, surrounding over a width of 30 to 40 cm". She has the appearance of being eighteen or nineteen. Her eyes are blue, like the Child Jesus. Take a "golden crown richly worked", a long white dress fitted at the waist by a cord. "A" non-transparent white veil "falls on each side" doing some folds "and hides her hair." On her left hand, covered by the veil, sits the Christ Child. "She raises her arm," girls need. "

Nov 7, 1937
In the beginning of the events, most of the villagers had refused to believe in the apparitions but were finally won over. At about 6:30 pm, 4,000-5,000 people were surrounding the seers. Several priests witnessed the apparition.

Nov 8, 1937
More than 7,000 people return to the site. Civil authorities forbid Fr. Staelberg from accompanying the girls. That day, the priest was there at Herkenhoff: "Suddenly, the girls fell to their knees, all together, without one or the other has made a signal to his companions." Posed several questions to the apparition… After a quarter of an hour, during which continued to be constantly stiff, eyes fixed on a precise point unanswered even when they spoke, suddenly observed Grete alongside. I wonder how the Mother of God feels, She responded to me with a sad countenance: "Mother of God was very sad and very bright."

April 5, 1939
Margaret was alone at the apparition:
"I saw the Mother of God directly in front of me, two feet away from me and asked her:

Mother, how would you want to be invoked?

As Queen and Queen of the Holy Souls.

With what prayer would you like to be honored?

In the litany of Laurentanas."