Our Lady
of Heede

May 12, 1939
In May, the Virgin appeared 13 times, including twice in the initial location, for a full day (6th and 12th). On May 12th, Grete asked:

" We will have diseases?
Not yet.

We come here every day?

At the outbreak of the second world war, the Gestapo put a stop to this “superstitious nonsense” and began prohibiting pilgrimages and placed the four girls in the lunatic asylum at Götingen hospital. After a few weeks the children were released but forbidden to go near the place of ‘The Apparitions’.

From there they went to their houses to prove that they were in perfect health.

Thereafter the appearances were in different places, which they marked with a sign on the stone. Later the four seers had to join the German Army as nurses.

Spring 1939
Grete Ganseforth receives the sitgmata.

October 19, 1940
The children asked about what patients heal:
"Just come to heal those with the right intention."
She gave them a "secret" intended to Pope:
"Do not say anything more except to the Holy Pope of Rome!"

The message was placed in a sealed envelope that is transmitted through Bishop Berning to Pius XII.

Nov 3, 1940
At 8:30 pm, the apparitions of Our Lady finally came to and end after 3 years. She gave them a secret Give a "secret" to each child and then added:
"Now, my dear girls, the bless me in this farewell.
Remain good and faithful God!
Pray often and willingly rosary... I'm going to heaven."

After wonderful cures occurred that the parish priests and other clergy supported the seers. The details of the various healings are not reported.

New apparitions of Our Lord and the "angel of justice" began. Jesus appeared to them and said, "Humanity has not heard My Mother. The times are serious. The angels of justice are spread throughout the world. For those who do not have grace will be scary. What will happen will be terrible, how come we have seen since the world began. The humanity is worse than before the flood. The world lies in the obscure darkness. I want to save everyone. This generation deserves to be destroyed, but looking at the right, I'll leave that my mercy eventually triumphs."

June 3, 1959
After examination of the facts, the Vicariate of Osnabrueck, confirmed the validity of the apparitions and their supernatural origin. However, there is still no formal recognition.