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Trevignano Romano is a small town outside Rome, with a population of about 5,700 peoples. For several years, about a thousand pilgrims have come to Trevignano Romano every month to experience the encounter with Mary on their knees. It all started on August 22, 2014. Then the Italian couple Gisella and Gianni Cardia went to Medjugorje to pray over many difficult matters on the spot and thank them for the gift of marriage. They brought from there a small statue of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, the prototype of which stands in Tihalijna. After a while, strange things happen in the Carida home. Friends who come to them for prayer together experience healings of minor ailments. However, the real breakthrough was yet to come. On April 21, 2016, Gisella prays alone in peace. Suddenly he hears whispers. “I thought Gianni was watching the TV, I even wanted to call him attention, but after a while the voice became so clear that she had no doubt: She was there,” Gisella tells us. “My child, my daughter. I am the Holy Virgin, do not be afraid. I chose you because you are filled with love and hope, and they are the foundation of life ”- these are the first words that Our Lady spoke to Gisella. After a while, she assured me that she would confirm her presence in their home soon. And in fact: soon the statue brought from Medjugorje was flooded with bloody tears. Tears also appeared in the image of Merciful Jesus hanging in the Cardia family room.

Trevignano Romano, 3 March 2023
My children, thank you for hearing my call in your heart and for bending your knees in prayer. My children, I ask you to return to God, without Him you will be able to do nothing. Learn to listen to the voice of Jesus in your heart and in prayer. Children, you are in the world but you are not of the world. Without God your life would have a different meaning. Always be ready, because this battle will be strong and everything will lead to a serious war, but still you continue to live as always and with indifference. Open your hearts children, your hearts of stone and let the light of God enter. Do not be tempted by Satan, he knows that he will lose and is attacking you much more, but be sure that good will always win. Be lights of the world to sweep away the darkness that covers you. Pray my children, pray for my favorite children and for the Church. Now I caress your heart as a testimony of my presence in this blessed place. Pray under the Crucifix of Jesus and He will bless you. Now I leave you with my Maternal blessing, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Trevignano Romano, 3 February 2023
Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. My beloveds, be close to the sacraments. Children, follow the Gospel and walk on the path of holiness; Jesus is beside you when I have invoked him with my heart. My children, remove vices from your lives, together with all the sins you are committing, because this is not the path that leads to God. I would like to remind you that jostling to be first or be appreciated is not God’s will, but be humble and little; only in this way will you be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Children, I ask you to pray for the Middle East, for Italy, and for France. Pray for your brothers because humanity is heading towards the abyss. Open your hearts to the action of the Holy Spirit. Children, persecution has begun for you; you will fight among brothers; Peter is unable to lead the boat because sin surrounds him everywhere, together with iniquity; for this reason, Jesus continues to cry. Now I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen. Today there will be many graces that will descend and testify, and I will also bless all the sacred objects you wear.

Trevignano Romano, 3 January 2023
Dear Children, thank you for having responded to my call in your heart. Children, the times you will be facing will be hard and this is why I ask you to increase your prayer and above all the prayer of the Holy Rosary, a powerful weapon against evil. My children, now more than before you will need protection, you no longer have the lightning rod praying for you but you must be ready and prepare yourselves for this transformation of your soul. Let yourself be touched by the light, do not be taken by iniquity. Today evil celebrates believing it has won, taking souls away, deluding them that the lights of the world, power and lust, are more important than prayer and God. Children, fire will fall from heaven because the earth needs to be purified. There will be many natural disasters, earthquakes and floods, which will follow one another like never before. I ask you to pray for the Church and for its men, corrupt, by now they have lost their way, many priests, bishops and cardinals are in confusion. I ask priests: listen and believe my words otherwise hell will await you. Children, I want to save you and I have no more words, please help me my sweetest children. My Father is watching you and today there will be many graces that will descend among you. Testify. I tell you that the Holy Father is in the presence of God in Heaven and he asks you to love one another. A head of state will be attacked, war will invade Europe. Now I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Gisella: I also saw merciful Jesus, I believe that today he has sent so much mercy on all of us.

Trevignano Romano, 3 December 2022
Dear children, thank you for being here in prayer and for having answered my call in your heart. My children, I ask you again for true conversion. Prayer with the heart will be taken to Heaven, so that God hears your requests, your praises, your thanks. Precious children, many have given themselves to the flattery of the evil one, but be upright, just, charitable, humble and light a blessed candle when you pray to escape the darkness that grips you. Loving children, I love you with all the love of a Mother and I want you all to be saved. Dear children, pray for the Church, remember that God is merciful and good and despite what you will see happen, never lose faith and hope. God wants your good and he wants to fill you with graces. Do not refuse his immense love. Unfaithful children, I say to you: open your eyes and also see God’s justice fall on this earth. My faithful children, do not be afraid, be close to God with your heart. Children, pray for America, it will pay dearly for injustices and perverse laws. Now I leave you with my Maternal blessing, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Our Lady still remembers reading and meditating on the book of the Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle.

Trevignano Romano, 9 November 2022
Dear brothers and sisters, yesterday, I received a message from our sweet Heavenly Mother in which she announced that starting from this date – the messages I received also during the week, in which I shared with you, just to share her loving appeals as a Mother – while continuing to receive them, I will no longer be able to divulge them, but only “to keep them in my heart and in my diary with love”. The only message that I will be able to make public will be the one that you will continue to give us every 3rd of the month on the hill of Trevignano Romano. We do not know the real reasons for this change, but we are sure that the Queen of Heaven always works for our good and our salvation. This new disposition of her will allow us to prepare ourselves and to welcome with further love, the words of her that she will give us every day 3, as support and help for our conversion and spiritual growth. I embrace you all, Our Lady bless you. Your Gisella.

Trevignano Romano, 8 November 2022
Dear daughter, thank you for welcoming me into your heart. Daughter, you must tell everyone to love and forgive. Do not be afraid for tomorrow if you are in Christ, I understand those who love and who have faith and feel different from this world, which is caught up in frivolous things, lies and non-Christian conduct. Your prayers will mitigate the Wrath of God. Children, always have peace, love and hope in your heart. I do not come to frighten you, but to ask you for conversion. I am a Mother who loves her children. My children, the Archangel Michael, will be at your side, to free you from the evil that surrounds you. Jesus is coming and heaven awaits you. Now, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Trevignano Romano, 5 November 2022
Beloved children, thank you for being here in prayer and for having responded to my call in your heart. Beloved children, the plagues will be as many as the sins of the world, there will be earthquakes and floods and you still do not understand the warnings of heaven. My children, do not tire of stocking up because I am telling you, again, that famine will come suddenly. Children, the times of trial will be heavy but you pray and raise your spirit. Pray for the Church. Beloved children, be confident because the new time is not very distant, it will be a time of love, of peace where there will be no pain, but only joy and finally you will work only for good. Now I leave you with my motherly blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Trevignano Romano, 3 November 2022
My children, thank you for being here and for having responded to my call in your heart. Children, my tears fall for those who do not listen to my call. I cry for the blasphemies and for the priests who are not faithful to God. I cry for those who, despite the signs of the times, are tied to the false lights of the world. Children, please convert, times will be hard. Pray that your Father will be merciful. There will be famine in the world and food shortages. Children, provide for yourselves and for your brothers. The hearts of men are getting harder and harder and this is how Satan will lead into the abyss. Children, invoke me in the moment of suffering and I will be with you. Call upon my Son Jesus and He will change suffering into peace and sadness into joy. Be firm in the faith, many do not know God and do not want to know him, yet he is Father and he does not want to lose you. Children, follow the path of Holiness, read the Gospel and the Word and there you will find everything you need. Love each other as God loved you. Now I leave you with my motherly blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Trevignano Romano, 29 October 2022
My children, thank you for having responded to my call in your heart. My children, you are now immersed in the greatest spiritual war of all time, the confused will be swept away like the wind, bring us closer to true faith and the Eucharist, be humble and pray for God’s justice to be mitigated, do penance. Children, Satan has armed his army with him, but my warriors of light will always win and will be protected, because they have chosen to be under my Blessed Mantle. Beloved children, God is with you, look at the light and the cross and be faithful to my Son Jesus. Children, I will follow you and instruct you step by step. Now I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Trevignano Romano, 25 October 2022
Dear children, thank you for being here in prayer and for bending your knees. My children, look around you at this sick world. Many think that this time is the end, but much worse will come, do not imagine how cruel the devil can be. Many of you say they know my Son Jesus, with your mouth, but not with your heart. My daughter, chosen and beloved by God, you will soon receive from my Lily, the mantle of glory and the sword of justice, so that everything may be for the glory of God. Jesus is with you. Children, always be ready for the spiritual war which will be tiring, but my angels will fight for you. Children I bless you and peace be with you, amen.

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