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Betania is a land full of mountains that is located on the Km. 11 of the road between Cua and San Casimiro in Miranda, Venezuela. It is an area surrounded by small hills that is embellished with tropical vegetation.Mrs. Maria Esperanza, through earlier messages of Our Lady, was already aware of the existence of Her land. Our Lady, on numerous occasions spoke about a Holy Land which would be “The New Ark of Salvation”. She told her that it was located in the North central part of Venezuela, and that it would come to be a “Place of constant prayer and pilgrimage” for the Venezuelan people and in time, for all the Nations of the world; and, so all People and Nations could hold hands in Reconciliation; and where Church and People would be united in one heart, i.e. Church and People working together united by one objective. The Apparitions was approved November 21, 1987.

March 25, 1976 8:30 a.m.
Little daughter, here you have me with my hands enriched with graces and covered with splendors of light, to call all my children to conversion. This is the seed of glory I offer as Mary Reconciler of all People and Nations, for I come to reconcile all of you. Reconciliation is the inheritance of divine brotherhood of my Divine Son! Little daughter, hand on my message to all. I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever!

August 22, 1976 1:30 p.m.
Daughter, when all men on earth come to carry their cross with love, there shall be no more pain or weeping, for they shall live rising each day with my Beloved Son in a constant and lively: Hallelujah…hallelujah…hallelujah..! My daughter, I wish for you to make them feel the worth of prayer and the importance of my new apparition as Reconciler of People and Nations, for under this title they shall find essential and determinant conditions to prepare their souls to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit… through the communication and the visits of Our Lord, through faith… for faith is the basis of Christianity… and increasing that same faith shall make them seek, with sincere love, Our Father and the Heart of my Divine Son with mine..!

May 3rd, 1977 11:00 a.m.
Little daughter, continue your path for we have prepared it! Little daughter, obedience shall be the basis of your inner life, to remain in contact and in unity with the Lord! Little children, be very good, spontaneous, natural… this shall make your life easier and happier! Little daughter, little children, help me conquer the hearts of all of your brothers!

November 27, 1978 9:00 a.m.
My daughter, in 1983 you shall be able to carry out the land movement in a clear way… and then in 1984… the Great Event of my presence at the place..! And therefore, the great triumph of a march which unites, reestablishes, appraises multitudes that shall start coming to my chosen place for these times..!

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