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Among the praying children was also Barbara Samulowska, a 12-year-old girl, a year younger than Justyna. And she experienced the grace of seeing the whole phenomenon, which she told the parish priest about. Fr. Weichsel did not believe immediately, believing that the girl was repeating what her friend had said. Barbara was the characterological opposite of Justyna. She was lively, resolute, learning came to her without difficulty. The author of the anonymous pamphlet quoted here described it as follows: Barbara is probably not walking, but always jumping when you want to stop her, she will hardly turn, hardly listen, breaks free and runs away. It is an image of unrestrained freedom, an image of simplicity and nature, as befits a small village girl from a corner of the country that no one knew about before.

On the evening of June 29, many people gathered by the maple. The parish priest spoke to the girls every day and stated that the accounts of Justyna and Barbara were confirmed, although they shared the descriptions of the visits directly and individually.

June 30, the day before receiving Holy Communion. by Justyna, the parish priest ordered to ask the Lady if she appeared again what she wanted from them. Until now, apart from seeing, the children had not heard a word. On that day, when the Lady appeared, but without the angels and the Child, she repeated the priest’s question. She heard the answer:

“I want you to pray the rosary every day”

The lady replied in Polish, both girls heard this answer and thought that everyone in the crowd could hear it as well. These first words spoken by Mary in Gietrzwald can be read today on the fence of the chapel carved in steel letters.

On Sunday, July 1, 1877, there were crowds in Gietrzwald. It was the day of the First Holy Communion, which Justyna also received. In the evening, crowds of believers gathered under the maple. This time, Fr. Weichsel told the girl who the appearing Lady was and whether the sick could come to Gietrzwald to receive help. Justyna heard the answer:

“I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception”

When the girl asked about the sick, the vision disappeared. On that day, Barbara Samulowska was late to pray together under the maple tree. When she arrived, she saw only the brightness, but did not see the Mother of God. She was very worried about this fact. At night, however, she appeared to her and when asked who she was, she heard the answer:

“I am the Immaculate Conception”

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