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Second, My assemblies will be deserted, drowned in the abyss of an ocean of bitterness, and it will seem that they will drown in these various waters of calamity. How many true callings will be lost through mishandling and lack of spiritual guidance!

The third reason the lamp went out is the atmosphere of those times, filled with the spirit of impurity, like a hideous flood that will flood streets, squares and public places, so much so that there will be almost no virginal soul left in the world.

The fourth reason is that after infiltrating all strata of society, the Masonic sects will spread their mistakes in families with great cunning, primarily to spoil children. In these unfortunate times evil will strike the child’s innocence, and thus the priestly ordained will be wasted. However, even then there will be religious congregations that support the Church, and holy priests – hidden and beautiful souls who will work with energy and selfless zeal for the salvation of souls. The wicked will wage a cruel war against them, slandering, insulting and harassing them, trying to discourage them from fulfilling their duties. But they, like solid columns, will not give up and will face it all in a spirit of humility and sacrifice, in which they will be armed with the infinite merits of My Most Holy Son, loving them in the innermost depths of His Most Sacred and Most tender Heart. How much will the Church suffer in that dark night! There will be no prelate and father who would keep watch with love, gentleness, strength and foresight, and many will lose God’s spirit, putting their souls in great danger.

Pray earnestly, cry tirelessly and cry incessantly with bitter tears, secretly begging our Heavenly Father that, out of love for the Eucharistic Heart of my Most Holy Son, for His Precious Blood poured out with such generosity, and the deep bitterness and pain of His Passion and death, he would have mercy on His servants and put an end to these terrible times, and to send the Church a prelate who will renew the spirit of its priests.

This beloved son whom My Divine Son and I will surround with a special love and filled with many graces: humility of heart, submission to God’s inspirations, strength so that he can defend the rights of the Church. We will give him a tender and compassionate heart, which will be embraced by a second Christ, the great and the little ones, not despising the most unfortunate, who will ask him for light and advice in their doubts and difficulties. Dimensions will be placed in his hands, so that everything will be done according to weight and measure, for the glory of God.

Before the arrival of this prelate and father, many hearts of those consecrated to God in the priesthood and order will be frigid … everything will result in the loss of many souls. To dispel these black clouds, preventing the Church from enjoying a bright day of freedom, a terrible war will break out, in which the blood of its own and of strangers, priests and religious will flow. This night will be so terrible that people will think that evil has triumphed.

Then my hour will strike: I will dethrone the proud, damned Satan, crush him under my feet and throw him into the abyss of hell. In this way, the Church and this country will in the end be freed from its cruel tyranny.

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