Our Lady
of All Nations

"The Lord and Master chose Miriam or Mary from among all the women, to become the Mother of His Divine Son. At the Sacrifice of the Cross, however, She became the Lady Woman the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix. This was announced by the Son at the time that He returned to the Father.

"Therefore I bring you this new wording into these times, and say, I am the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary. Let the theologians know this. These words have that significance for the theologians.

"This time is Our time. The forthcoming dogma is the last Marian dogma, namely, the Lady of All Nations , as the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

At the Sacrifice of the Cross the Son announced this title to the whole world. Whoever or whatever you are, I am for you The Lady.

"Your task is great," says the Lady to me. "Let all those who co-operate in this great work, do so in all earnestness and with great zeal...You are all responsible for the task that falls to you in this present time. Resist the influence of the wrong spirit. Pray every day that the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, may send the Holy Spirit over the earth, and ' the Lady of All Nations,' who once was Mary, will be your Advocate. So be it!"

June 15, 1952
“The Lady of All Nations will help you and all those who will fight for this. The great movement must begin! This picture has to prepare the way. later on there will be no nation without the Lady of All Nations. This title begins to operate now. This time is Our time”

"The Lady, who once was Mary. Only at the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ did co-redemption have its beginning. Only when the Lord Jesus Christ went away, did she become the Mediatrix and Advocate. When departing, the Lord Jesus Christ gave to the nations The Lady of All Nations...Tell all those who participate that they must say this prayer."

Then the Lady points at the globe and says, "Just look at all those countries! Nowhere is unity to be found, nowhere peace, nowhere repose for the nations. Everywhere there is tension, everywhere anxiety. The Lord Jesus Christ lets this be. His time will come. There will be an intervening period of unrest caused by humanism, paganism, godlessness, snakes. These will attempt to control the world."

October 5, 1952
"Never has Miriam or Mary in the Community, the Church been officially called Co-Redemptrix. Never has she officially been called Mediatrix. Never has she officially been called Advocate. These three thoughts are not only closely connected, they form one whole. Therefore this will be the keystone of Marian history; it will become the dogma of the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

"I do not reproach the theologians if I say: why can you not come to an agreement about this dogma? Once more I shall explain it and make it clearer still: The Father sent the Lord Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of All Nations. The Lord Jesus Christ was this from the beginning. He became this in the Sacrifice and in His going to the Father.

"Miriam or Mary became the Handmaid of the Lord, chosen by the Father and the Holy Spirit. From the beginning She was, in virtue of this choice, the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. ONLY at the departure of the God-Man, the Lord Jesus Christ, She became the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. When leaving, in one final act, the Lord Jesus Christ gave Miriam or Mary to the nations, gave Her as the Lady of All Nations.

"He spoke the words, Woman, behold thy son; son behold they Mother, - ONE act! - and by this Miriam or Mary received this new title.

"How is it that this new title - the Lady of All Nations - only now enters the world? It is because the Lord reserved it for this time. The other dogmas had to come first; just as Her life on earth had to precede  the Lady of All Nations. All previous dogmas comprised the mortal life and the leaving of this life by the Lady. For the theologians this simple explanation should suffice. It was necessary to give this explanation once more.

"This picture is, however, destined for all peoples: for everyone who wishes to come to ' the Lady of All Nations.' Go and present your picture to them. It is the wish of the Lady that it should go to the Netherlands and in particular Amsterdam. The Lady has Her special reason for this. Amsterdam is the city of the miraculous Host. There the Lady of All Nations will go."

December 8, 1952
"I am entering these times as the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.In one act the Lord gave Mary these three titles gave these three concepts in one significant act. The new dogma will be much disputed; therefore, I have given you that detailed explanation...I have said that this picture is to prepare the way. This picture must be spread all over the world. It is the illustration of the new dogma. This is why I have personally given this picture to the nations. The prayer will remain to the end. The prayer that Mary as the Lady of All Nations has presented to the world, will have to be said in all the churches. You should employ your modern means to achieve this. Ask permission and it will be granted to you. Know well: the time is drawing near.