Our Lady
of All Nations

Then the Lady says, " By praying and not only by praying, but especially by working for the right end...Work and watch!" I predict another great catastrophe for the world."

Suddenly I see a Cardinal's hat lying before me and above it an X-sign appears. There will be a struggle in Rome against the Pope. I see many bishops and I hear a voice say, "Catastrophic!"

December 26, 1947
I see the Lady and She says, " Disasters will overtake the world - from North to South, from South to West, from West to East...In and around Jerusalem, heavy battles will be waged...Great misery and distress are imminent...Economic warfare, boycottings, currency crises, catastrophes."

Now I see something like a cigar or a torpedo flying past me so rapidly that I can scarcely discern it. Its color seems to be of aluminum. All of a sudden I see it burst open. I feel with my hand and have a number of indefinable sensations. The first is a total loss of sensibility. I live and yet I do not live.

Then I see faces before me covered with dreadful ulcers, as it were a kind of leprosy. Then I am aware of terrible diseases.

Then tiny little black things are floating around me: I cannot distinguish them with my eyes and it is as if I were made to look at them through something and now I see slides of extraordinay brilliancy and upon them those little things enlarged. I do not know how I am to interpret this. "Bacilli?" I ask. The Lady says, " It is hellish!"

I feel my face swelling and it is swollen when I touch it, all bloated and quite stiff. I can no longer move. Then I hear the Lady again, saying, " Just think! This is what they are preparing!" and then very softly, "Russia, but others as well." Finally, the Lady says, " Nations be warned." - and now the Lady disappears.

May 7, 1949
The Lady then says, " Russia will try to deceive everyone in everything she does. There will be a complete revolution," and I see the world, as it were, rotate once. Then the Lady says, " Nature, too, will change!"

December 3, 1949
Once more I see the Pope and the Lady says, " He has but to command and it will happen." Then I see Italy and strange clergymen of high rank: Cardinals, Bishops, and so forth. They are gathered in a large council hall, and it is as if the Pope is drawing up a degree. Then again I see a link between the upper and lower classes. " That is what we must strive after," the Lady says. " More I cannot say, as yet. It will become clear over the years"

December 16, 1949
Then it is as though she makes me read a blackboard on which is written: 50 - 51 - 53, and she says, " During this period there will be warfare and disaster."

After this I see two rows of churches before me. the Lady seems to walk towards the front row and lightly pass Her hand over it. The churches fall en masse and disappear. then the Lady, drawing a rhombic frame for me, says, "Child this is the center." Now I see a dome and around it a wall inthe form She drew it. That dome is St. Peter's. A narrow stream runs round it, bordered in a thin black line. Again the Lady says, "This is the center" and the Lady's fingers move to and fro very slowly, very heavily. "Let that remain the center! The minds of this world are intent on destroying the center. I will help you."...I see Germany on my right, I hear the Lady say, "Take heed Germany" I see a triangle drawn over Germany and the Lady says, "The spirit of the triangle tries to enter under a different form. The people are good, but they are pulled hither ant thither and find no way out. Poor Germany! They will be and are the dupe of that other big one."

May 27, 1950
I see the Lady standing there and, looking at Her hands, She say to me, " Child, I still see empty hands. I ask you to pass on that it is really mine firm determination to form a group from among that core of people that want the good and that do good.

The opposite camp too is working hard to form as great a center as this."

August 15, 1950
I hear the Lady say, " No things are not in order at all there. Where are the Encyclicals?" Next I see St. Peter's and hear the Lady say, " Do you know your power at all? Do you know your teaching?" then once again the Lady writes, " Encyclical" and She says, " Alright then see that they are carried out. Let their teaching spread to the left and to the right, to the top and to the bottom. Do you realize how powerful this force is?"

November 16, 1950
I see the Lady standing on the globe. She points at the globe and says to me, " My child, I am standing on this globe, because I want to be called “The Lady of All Nations, “The words of All Nations” arrange themselves round her in a semicircle. The Lady goes on to say, "I have told you: Mission work at home... There are so many sick souls here and they must be saved. Why do so many priests from Germany go to the foreign missions? Let them stay here, where so much work is to be done! ... Germany must start to regain unity. Let a beginning be made by everyone for himself in his own home. The children must be reunited with father and mother. Let them kneel down together again and say the Rosary ... Make it a habit at home, and then it will spread into the world ... This can be advanced through propaganda and more preaching about it in the churches. Altogether there must be more action" "A great disturbance will be experienced all over the world. The Russians will not leave things the way they are at present; and therefore, I say, I am the Lady of All Nations"