Our Lady
of All Nations

“But Israel will rise again.”

Above the scene of the exodus, I see a representation of God the Father in the clouds. He is holding His hand over His eyes, and the Lady tells me,

“And Yahweh is ashamed of His people.”

Then I see a vivid representation of Cain and Abel. A large jawbone of a donkey is actually lying there. I see Cain taking flight.

After this I see someone wearing a long robe, with a beard, and two stone tablets in his hands. Written on these stone tablets is a language which I do not know at all. Then it seems like those two stone tablets are being smashed to pieces. I see the pieces lying in the sand.

After this I am placed again before the altar. But suddenly it is as if I see a procession filing past outside the church. The Lady points it out to me and says,“That is the Miracle Procession of Amsterdam.”

I see that procession going through the old downtown. There is also a priest there, walking in front with Our Lord.

July 29 1945

hear that voice again and then suddenly I see a sacrificial altar from ancient times. The smoke is descending. I hear that voice say, “Jehovah is warning His people.”

Then I hear, “Be faithful. They have scattered my lambs.”

At these last words I see lambs being scattered in all directions and going over the whole world. Come, faithful ones.

Now the Lady plants a Cross upon the sacrificial altar and I see, so to speak, the whole world gathered around it. The people, however, are standing there with their heads lowered and turned away from the Cross. Then I hear, “Come, faithful ones.”

And I see a chalice being carried about, along the crowd.

“But partly in vain”, I hear said. Christ, the Way

I have to look upward and suddenly I see the Lady. She smiles and, extending her arms, she says, “Come.”