Our Lady
of All Nations

"Great threatening dangers hang over the world. The Church will be undermined still more.

"You must realize why I come as the Lady of All Nations. I come in order to rally all nations in the Spirit, in the Spirit of Truth. All men must learn to find the Holy Spirit. Strive after justice, truth and love. Do not reject your brothers. Lead them on to the knowledge of the True Spirit. A heavy responsibility rests upon the people of these times.

You have no idea how serious and how difficult these times are.

"Follow the precepts of the Encyclicals. Let the world be filled with their teaching! For the spirit of untruth, lies and deception will be frustrated...White people, respect the rights of black people. You should support and help one another and the Lady of All Nations will be there and help you wherever you are.

"The Lady of All Nations promises to aid mankind if they acknowledge this title and invole her under this title. Make this message know. It is high time! Fear not, I will help."

March 20, 1953
Now the Lady looks in front of Her for a long time and finally says, "Before the Lord Jesus Christ returned to the Father before the Sacrifice of the Cross began the Lord Jesus Christ gave to the nations of the whole world the Daily Miracle."

Now the Lady casts a searching glance over the globe and very slowly and questioningly says, How many are there...who experience this Great Wonder? They pass this Great Miracle by. The daily Sacrifice has to have its place again at the center of this degenerate world."

"I said: great powers will be overthrown; a politico-economic struggle will arise; be on your guard against false prophets; be on the lookout for meteors; there will be disasters; there will be catastrophes of nature. We are faced with weighty decisions. We shall be under heavy pressure...It is modern humanism, realism, socialism and communism that have the world in their clutches.

"It is Amsterdam I have selected as the seat of the Lady of All Nations. This is also the City of the Blessed Sacrament. Make sure you grasp all this."

May 10, 1953
"I have come today to give you a special message: ask the Holy Father if he would kindly say, and lead all nations is saying, the prayer with Mary, the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, under the title of the Lady of All Nations, which She has given to the world. Say to him:

Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, teach your people this simple but profound prayer. It is Mary, the Lady of All Nations, who is asking this of you. You are the Shepherd of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tend your sheep. Know well that great and threatening dangers are hanging over the Church, over the world. Now the moment has arrived when you should speak of the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, under the title of ' the Lady of All Nations. Why is Mary asking you to do this? It is because she is sent by her Lord and Creator, so that, by means of this prayer and this title, she may save the world from a universal calamity. You know that Mary wishes to come as the Lady of All Nations. Now She is asking that the nations might hear this title from you, the Holy Father."

October 11, 1953
"The Lady of All Nations has the power to bring the world peace. Yet She has to be asked for it under this title. The Lady of All Nations will assist the Church of Rome...

They should say my prayer against degeneration disaster and war, and spread it among all peoples. I shall help the Church of Rome - the Community. The nations should call me under this title.

"The Lord is the Redeemer of all nations. Mary, the Mother, was from the beginning chosen as Co-Redemptrix. She became Co-Redemptrix at the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Father. She became the Mediatrix and Advocate of all people."

April 4, 1954
"Listen well: from the outset the Handmaid of the Lord was chosen to be Co-Redemptrix. Tell your theologians they can find it all in their books!...I am not bringing a new doctrine. I am now bringing old ideas...