Our Lady
of All Nations

A large number of men of all sorts are now standing before me: gentlemen, simple fellows, also priests and religious, dressed in black. Among them there are good people but also some not so good. The Lady invites them to come with her. She shall guide them. Now I see a long and difficult road before me, at the end of which there is a bright light.

“This way”, says the Lady, and with a broad gesture she indicates to the men that they have to walk along this road. It is difficult and challenging. On both sides they are falling away. The Lady is watching with motherly concern, and keeps smiling at them. Then I see written before me, ‘Into life again, with Christ’.

After this the Lady looks sad and says, “England will find her way back to me.”

She pauses for a moment and then says slowly and softly, “America too.” Then the Lady slowly disappears, and I see a peculiar haze hanging over the world.

August 29, 1945
Sadness and joy I see the Lady before me. She indicates that I should look into my hand. I see, so to speak, strange things coming out of it. I see a great sadness; this is put into my hand and I have to look at it. When I look into my hand, I feel a deep sadness arising. The Lady smiles and says, “But joy will follow.”

At that moment I can also feel that joy. I see rays, bright rays.

Next I see large buildings, churches. Churches of all sorts appear, that is, not only Catholic churches. The Lady says,“It must become one large community.”

At these words I feel terrible pains in my hand. Storms are coming upon these churches.

Now the Lady lets me see three Popes. To the left, above, stands Pope Pius X. Our Pope, Pius XII, is standing in the middle, and to the right I see a new Pope. Pointing at the three Popes, the Lady says, “These three that is one era. This Pope and the new one are the fighters.”

Then she refers to a new yet strange war, much later, which will cause terrible disaster.

The formation of priests

Now I see lines of young priests passing by. The Lady says, “A lot, however, has to be changed in the Church. The formation of priests will have to be changed: a more modern formation, suited to the times, yet good, in the good spirit.”

The Lady says the latter with emphasis. I suddenly see a dove flying around my hand. It is being held, yet it is flying around continuously. The dove is sending forth new rays.

The Lady then points to the Pope, and says,“Breadth has to come, more social. Various movements are tending towards socialism, which is good, but it can be done under the guidance of the Church.” The Lady now looks very dejected and says,

“Very much has to be changed in the formation.”