Our Lady
of All Nations

May 31, 1951
"Look closely. I am standing before the Cross of the Redeemer. My head, my hands and my feet are those of a human being, as those of the Son of Man. The rest belongs to the Spirit. My feet are firmly planted on the globe, for it is the wish of the Father and the Son to send me into the world in these times as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. This will constitute a new and last Marian dogma. This picture will go before it. This dogma will be much disputed; and yet it will prevail! This is the last direction I am giving you with regard to the picture: you thought, my child, that you were seeing clouds around the globe, but now look closely at what I am going to show you."

And now I see the clouds changing into sheep. From left to right, all around the globe, from out of the depths and from all sides I can see flocks of sheep emerging. Here and there I see a black one. Lambs are reposing at the foot of the globe. The sheep keep coming, some grazing, but most of them with heads upturned, as if looking straight at the Lady with the Cross. Others look up at Her while quietly lying on the ground.

Then the Lady speaks to me again, "My child, imprint this image deeply on your mind and transmit it correctly: The flocks of sheep represent the peoples of the world who will not find rest until they achieve content and fix their eyes on the Cross, the center of this world.

"Now look at my hands and relate what you see." Now I see in the palms of her hands what appear to be wounds already healed and from these, rays of light stream out, three from each hand, and diffuse themselves among the sheep.

Smiling, the Lady adds, "These three rays are Grace, Redemption, and Peace. Through the Grace of my Lord and Master, and for the love of mankind, the Father sent His only-begotten Son as Redeemer for the world. Now They both wish to send the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, Who alone can bring Peace. Hence, Grace, Redemption, and Peace. The Father and the Son wish, as at this very time, to send Mary, The Lady of All Nations as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Now I have given you a clear and lucid explanation of the picture. There is nothing more to be said.

"Make sure that the prayer, which briefly and yet so urgently asks for the sending of the True Holy Spirit, is spread as quickly as possible. Tell your director and all who co-operate in this that I promise that all who pray before the picture and ask the help of Mary, the Lady of All Nations,' will be given the grace for soul and body, in the measure that the Son wishes. You should not regard this as a matter for a limited circle only, for I am ' the Lady of All Nations. This picture must go from country to country, from town to town. That is what is meant by redemption...Again I say: I promise to help all who are in spiritual and bodily distress, if they carry out my will, the will of the Father...Theologians, you should have no difficulty if you consider that the Lord and Master had predestined the Lady for sacrifice. For the sword had already been directed at the heart of the Mother.

"My meaning is that I have always gone before the Son in spiritual and physical sufferings...This time is Our time."

July 2, 1951
"Now watch well and listen. The following is the explanation of the new dogma: As Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate I am standing on the globe in front of the Cross of the Redeemer. By the will of the Father the Redeemer came on earth.

"To accomplish this, the Father used the Lady. Thus, from the Lady the Redeemer received only - I am stressing the word only - flesh and blood, that is to say, the body. From my Lord and Master the Redeemer received His Divinity.

"In this way the Lady became the Co-Redemptrix, I have told you: This time is Our time. This means that the Father and the Son wants in these times to send the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate throughout the whole world...Now look hand at my hands. From them emanate Grace, Redemption and Peace. The rays shine upon all peoples. Among these peoples are many of good will. To be of good will means to keep the first and great commandment. The first and great commandment is LOVE. He who loves, will honor his Lord and Creator in His Creation. He who loves, will do nothing that would dishonor his neighbor. That is what the world is lacking Love of God - Love of Neighbor.

This time is Our time. All peoples must honor the Lord and Master in His Creation. All peoples should pray for the True and Holy Spirit. Therefore I have given you this short and powerful prayer.

"Thus I repeat once again: The prayer must speedily be spread abroad. The whole world is degenerating. Let men of good will pray every day that the True Spirit may come! I am the Lady of All Nation. This time is Our time. Mary just as Mary. Now, however, in this new era, which is beginning now, I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. Everybody should understand this."

August 15, 1951
"I have crushed the snake with my foot. I have become united with my Son as I had always been united with Him. This is the dogma that has gone before in the history of the Church. As Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate I stand here, now in this time, in Our time. The dogma of the Assumption had to precede it. The last and greatest dogma will follow. The Sacrifice stands and will stand at the center of the world, in this era.

Mankind has been entrusted to the Mother.

"For the Son said, Woman behold thy son; son behold thy Mother, the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Inform your theologians. Tell them that I wish to be and shall be, the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.