Our Lady
of All Nations

Feruary 11, 1951
"A decree shall and must be issued, ordaining that the people need no longer have been fasting before going to Communion. There are so many people who, just when they are in church, feel a tremendous need to go to Communion, and are debarred from it because they have not been fasting."

Sunday, February 11, 1951
I see a bright light and then I see the Lady standing there. She says, "I am the Lady - Mary - Mother of All Nations. You may say The Lady of All Nations or Mother of All Nations, who once was Mary. I have come precisely today in order to tell you that I wish to be known as this. Let all the children of men, of all the countries in the world be one." Now I suddenly see myself standing above Italy. I see the Vatican and right in the middle of it I see the Pope. He has the tiara on his head, a scepter in one hand, and holds the other in the well-known attitude, with the two fingers raised. All around him I see cardinals and bishops. Then I hear the Lady say to me, "Look carefully, these are the bishops of all countries." The doctrine is correct, the laws can and must be changed... Let all men return to the Cross! Only this can bring peace and tranquility... Repeat this after me. Do say this prayer in front of the Cross:
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now Your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war. May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate. Amen."

The Lady continues, "My child, this prayer is so short and simple that each one can say it in his own tongue, before his own crucifix; and those who have no crucifix, repeat it to themselves. This is the message that I have come to give you today, for I have now come to tell you that I want to save the souls. Let all men co-operate in this great work for the world! If only everybody tried to follow this for himself!.. Especially as regard the first and great commandment Love... Go to the crucifix and say the prayer that I have taught you and the Son will grant your request... Remember the false prophets. Seek and ask only for the true Holy Spirit. There is, at the moment, a war of ideas. It is no longer races and nations that are at issue; the fight is for the spirit. Have no doubt about this...You can save this world. I have said it more than once. Rome has its opportunity. Seize the present moment. No Church in the world is constituted like yours.

"But do move with the times and urge your up-to-date changes on religious, priests, seminarians, and all others. Keep an eye on that and carry it out to the smallest detail. The doctrine must remain intact, but the laws may be change. Let the children of this world benefit more by The Remembrance of my Son... I have shown you in a dream how the practice of frequent Communion can be achieved... For Germany, I have this message: Let them work assiduously in that country to bring the people, who have strayed very far, back to the center of man's life The Cross. There is a shortage of priests, but of lay people there is no shortage. Let a great movement among the laity be organized to gain them for the campaign. Carry out this work, above all, with great love and charity."

The Lady points to the globe and says, "This time is your time...There is plenty of evidence even in what I have told you this very day. Tell them that I wish to be The Lady of all Nations.

March 4, 1951
"Then, says the Lady" you have seen everything well, haven't you? I have shown you my head, my hands, and my feet like those of a human being mark well: like those of the Son of Man! All the rest is Spirit. Have this picture of me painted and together with it, spread the prayer I have taught you. This is my wish for today. And I want this to be done in many languages... Child "says the Lady again" once more I insist that this must be done. It is of great importance, that you, human being that you are, do not allow yourself to be deterred from it by others. You must be brave and see it through...In these days, I want to be the Lady of All Nations and therefore I require of you to get the prayer translated into all the principal languages and said every day. Fear nothing.

"Now I will explain to you why I have come in this way: I am the Lady standing in front of the Cross. My head, hands and feet are like those of a human being. The trunk, however, belongs to the Spirit because the Son came through the Will of the Father. Now, however, the Spirit is to descend upon the world and this is why I want people to pray for His coming. The Lady pauses before She adds, I am standing upon the globe because this message concerns the whole world.

March 28, 1951
Now the Lady comes closer and again She shows me everything clearly. Then She says, " This is how it will have to be made known. In the text of the prayer I taught you:

“Lord Jesus Christ, etc. Nothing is to be altered."

And again the Lady says the prayer for me and lets me read it in printed letters.

I notice that the little word " now "in the phrase, " Send now your Spirit," as well as the word " All " in " The Lady of All Nations "is underlined. Then She says, "The words Who once was Mary, must remain as they are...Tell your director; in these modern times, in this modern world, which knows how to act promptly and swiftly in material affairs, it is equally necessary, in spiritual matters, to act swiftly and without delay...I have told you earlier on, that the Cross must be brought back into the world...

"I desire that it should be spread in many languages. In this work I will help them. Do not be so frightened. Why be afraid of things which are coming from the Son? Make this devotion known. Otherwise there will be war upon war and no end to destruction.

"Rome must be conscious of its role in these days. Does Rome know who the enemy is that is lying in wait for her, like a serpent stealthily making its way in the world? I am not referring to Communism alone; there are yet other prophets to come false prophets!"

April 1, 1951
"Look closely and listen carefully to what I have to tell you. I stand here and I wish to be the Lady of All Nations not of one special nation, but of all. Listen carefully to the explanation I am about to give, and try to grasp the contents of this message. I stand before the Cross with my head, hands and feet as those of a human being. The rest is of the Spirit. Why do I stand like this? My body has been taken up like the Son was. Now I stand an oblation before the Cross. For I have suffered with my Son, spiritually and above all - bodily. This will become a much contested dogma...My child pass it on and say, This brings the Marian dogmas to a conclusion... I have said that theology must yield to the interests of my Son. By this I mean: theologians, the Son always uses what is little and simple for the carrying out of His designs. Do you have the same simple faith that you are trying to inculcate in others? Childlike faith. We cannot afford to let time slip by idly. This time is Our time.

"My child, just as He suffered, so did I suffer as the Mother of the Son of Man. Repeat this correctly. Then the Lady draws my attention to the globe on which she is standing. Snow is falling all around her. She smiles and says, " Don't you understand? Look closely at the globe... Just as the snowflakes whirl over the earth and fall upon the ground in a thick layer, so the prayer and the picture will spread all over the world and penetrate into the hearts of all nations...