Our Lady
of All Nations

"When you begin to ask the Holy Father for the dogma, the Lady will fulfill Her promise and true peace will come. True Peace, nations, that is the kingdom of God. God's kingdom now is nearer than ever. Understand these words well.

"You members of the Church of Rome, appreciate your great, your own great happiness. Realize what it means to belong to the Church of Rome! Do your actions bear this out? Your Mother, the Lady of All Nations, may come to you once a year under this new title; later this will change. Understand my words well when I say: make sure that every year the nations will be assembled around this throne, before this picture. This is the great favor that Mary, Miriam or the Lady of All Nations is allowed to bestow on the world.

"Satan is not banished yet - it is for you to see to that, you people of the Church of Rome. Remember your Sacraments; they still exist! You Christian people, by your example bring others to Him, to the daily Miracle, to the daily Sacrifice...the Holy Spirit will help you. Implore Him now. I cannot repeat this often enough to the world: Have recourse to the spirit now. My signs - I said are inherent in my words."

May 31, 1956
"Did not the Lord Jesus Christ delay His great miracle that of changing water into wine - until His Mother had spoken? He intended to perform His miracle, but waited until His Mother had spoken. Do you see what I mean? This is my reply to those who could not understand that the Lady should have appeared on May 31st, 1955, in the church of St... Also for those who are in error, the Lady says so. This thought should help them to form a correct idea of the relationship of the Lady with Her Lord."

May 31, 1957
“Now I will give a reply to all those who have asked for a sign. To all them I say: My signs are contained in my words. Oh, you of little faith! You are like children who insist upon fireworks, whereas they have no eyes for the true light and for the true fire.

You seek and seek in para-this and para-that. But to this the Lady of All Nations has a reply as well: it is the Paracelete who effects all this.

“Before the Lord Jesus Christ died His bodily death; before the Lord Jesus Christ ascended to the Father; before the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in the world - moved anew among men...He gave you the great Mystery, the great Miracle of everyday, every hour, every minute. He gave you Himself.. No nations, Not merely a remembrance, no, nations, listen to what He said: Not just an idea, but himself, under the appearance of a little piece of bread, unser the appearance of wine. This is how the Lord wants to come among You, day after day. Do accept It. Do act on It. He gives you the foretaste - the foretastes of eternal life"

"Go to the Holy Father and tell him that I have said: the time has now arrived for the Dogma to be proclaimed. I shall come back privately at the time chosen by the Lord to assist the Church and the priests. Say that celibacy is endangered from within, but the Holy Father must always uphold it, notwithstanding all opposition."

February 18 - 19, 1958
"I shall make a communication to you, which you must keep secret from everybody. When it has happened you may inform them that the Lady now told you this.

“This Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, will at the beginning of October of this year be taken up to dwell with Us. The Lady of All Nations, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate will lead him to everlasting bliss”

The Lady said, "Do not be frightened, child. His successor will pronounce the dogma."

May 31, 1958
"Warn the clergy against heretical doctrines, particularly in the domain of the Eucharist."

May 31, 1959
"Do penance...Make reparation to Him!"

The Prayer of the Lady of All Nations:
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now Your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war. May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate.