Our Lady
of All Nations

I see great counter-currents, much opposition to this in the Church.

And then all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

When in 1963 Cardinal Montini was chosen as Pope Paul VI and the visionary saw him on television, she immediately recognized him as this third Pope.

When the visionary saw images of the Gulf War in 1991, she recognized it to be this war. She used the word strange, as rocket-warfare did not yet exist at that time.

October 7, 1945
I see the sun and the half moon; they are standing in the Far East. In China I see the red flag. After that I see Mahometans and all the Eastern peoples. Above all those nations, I see red on the one hand and black on the other; but there is far less black. I hear the voice saying, " It looks as if the latter is dwindling down to a minimum."

January 3, 1946
Then I see the Cross once more in the midst of the world and the Lady is pointing to it. I have to carry it, but I turn my head away; it is as if I were mankind and refused the Cross, "No", says the Lady, " it must be carried and placed in the center; there will be a certain category if people who will fight hard for it and I shall lead them on to that!"...

After that I see the Pope again before me and quite an number of clerics and other gentlemen around him. " It is as if they were in conference, " I say. The Lady speaks to me again. " This is the spiritual battle that is being carried on all over the world. It is much worse than the actual wars now being waged, because it is undermining mankind."

March 29, 1946
Once more I see the Lady standing there. She has a Child in Her arms...The Lady turns to me and says, " I want to bring HIM into this word again." But while speaking thus, She keeps on shaking Her head as if to say, "But they don't want Him!.

I look at the Child and as I look, the Child changes into a Cross. All at once the Cross falls to the ground before me and breaks into pieces. I look at the world and see it is all in darkness. Then I hear the Lady call, "Do bring Him back to mankind," and She points to the Cross.

I see the Cross planted in the middle of the world...The Lady says, " There must be a return to Him first of all, before true peace can come," and She stresses the word " true."

Then words are forming around the Lady, as in a curve. I have to read them aloud:

"Truth" "Again," I say and the Lady nods, " Yes." This is in the middle; I read on the left " Justice", and on the right " Charity."

The Lady says, " Religion will have a hard struggle and they want to tread it under foot. This will be done so cunningly that scarcely anyone will notice it. But I give warning," and She looks very serious and points to the chalice. Suddenly I hear Her say, "Christus Regnat.

Again, I see the Lady seated on Her throne...and now I see the Anglican Church, a Russian Church, an Armenian Church and many more besides. They are spinning round together. At this, the Lady looks worried and I hear Her say, " Rome be on the alert!" She stresses these words and clenches Her fist.

June 9, 1946
Once again the Lady stands before me. She shakes a warning finger and She seems to say to the world, " Urbi et Orbi, that is for the moment the most important thing." She carries a little Child with Her in a shawl...The Lady points to the Child and says, " Let those who are for HIM be watchful! I cannot give sufficient warning." Righteousness, Truth, and Love are not to be found among men." After that the Lady gazing intently in front of Her, says, " Disaster upon disaster! For a second time I tell you: as long as these are missing there can be no true peace."