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This message reminds us that the parish of San Nicolás had been entrusted from the beginning to Our Lady of the Rosary. The image, now venerated in the Sanctuary, had occupied a prominent place in the cathedral inaugurated in 1884. After being blessed by Pope Leo XIII, it was brought from Rome and donated to this place. After different locations in the cathedral and as a result of its deterioration, the image was deposited in the bell tower, waiting for a repair that never came.

In 1983, on November 27, the day of the Miraculous Medal and the first day of the Novena to Saint Nicholas, Father Pérez, Gladys’s confessor and parish priest of the cathedral, realized that the image of Our Lady of the Rosary that by He had been in the cathedral for a long time and was now in the steeple, matched Gladys’s description. He then led Gladys to the bell tower, who immediately recognized the image of her appearance, although she was missing a hand and the rosary. At that moment the Virgin Mary appeared to him in front of the image: They have forgotten me, but I have resurfaced. Put me there, because you see me as I am. Do not be sorry, they will have me. I want to be on the banks of the Paraná. Stand your ground. There you saw my light. Don’t let your strength falter. Glory to the Most High Father.

Father Pérez had the image repaired and placed a new rosary in his hands and in those of the Child Jesus.

Our Mother has chosen a place of blessing, near the river. She there she wants to receive us: I want to be close to you. Water is a blessing. I want to be able to receive you in a day not too distant in the house that I have chosen.

When Gladys asked whether it should be a chapel or a sanctuary, the Virgin gives her an answer through the Sacred Scriptures. She tells him to read Exodus, chapter 25, verse 8 which says: “They will make me a sanctuary and I will dwell in their midst.”

On the night of November 24, a few days before the recognition of the image that was in the bell tower, Gladys went with a group of people to the place that the Blessed Mother chose to build her Temple. And as she showed them the place where she saw her appearance, a strong ray of light fell on the place seeming to sink into the ground. A nine-year-old girl also saw that ray.

The next day the Virgin said to Gladys: The Holy Spirit is your guide. You must obey. The place of my dwelling is chosen. Everything is in your hands.

Approximately three months after the first appearance, a ray of light illuminated the place of the Sanctuary for the second time.

Your Mother asks you for her abode. I don’t want splendors. Yes I want a spacious house. Do not forget the sanctuary, as it will be the sanctuary of the Lord. Time will pass more this will endure.

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